A Souped-Up Christmas: Christmas with miso.moe

Hello, readers! To celebrate both Christmas and the end of this rather eventful year, we at miso.moe have decided to put a little bit of a twist on Christmas.  (Credit: xUzumaki)

During the next few weeks, miso.moe will be hosting giveaways with prizes like no other! The only requirement for the giveaways is a subscription (free! whoopie!) to our mailing list, found in the right sidebar. At a time decided in the near future, the results of the giveaway will be published on the website, and the winners will receive their prizes. As always, however, please ensure that you read the small print for the giveaways!

On top of this, blog posts centered around the Anime of 2017 as a whole will be posted as one last goodbye to yet another great year of animation.

We wish you the best of luck and a merry festive season!

– miso.moe

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