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Results of the Overwatch Giveaway

As we steadily conclude 2017, we also conclude another giveaway! The Overwatch giveaway held last week has come to a close, accumulating hundreds upon hundreds of entries. Luca from Italy was successful in winning the giveaway, and so we would like to congratulate them! If you were unsuccessful in winning, worry not, as we will hold more giveaways in the future.


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If you would like to see more giveaways and quality posts in the future, please help us out by either visiting us regularly or just by supporting us with as little as $1.


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Rice Miso

Rice Miso

Rice is a young, indie developer and an avid solo queue competitor in Overwatch. After working on multiple projects, including Dragon Ball Online Global, Rice decided to work on some more of his own, including and more recently, Nichibotsu.
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