Strongest Anime Characters of All Time

Anime is known for being a bit out there and shows it in many ways, including with an array of strangely strong characters. We’ll be showing you some of these powerhouses in this unordered list. (Please note we’ll be keeping it to one character per series).

Goku from Dragon Ball

Goku, the lead protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise, begins his journey as a young boy thrown into a search for the legendary Dragon Balls, artifacts said to grant one wish for whoever collects all seven, however, he quickly grows into a strong competitor for a spot among the stars.

Goku is a skilled martial artist with enormous amounts of natural strength, but his abilities don’t end there. He is a Saiyan, an extraterrestrial race with the innate skill to manipulate energy which Goku uses in a variety of intense attacks, such as his signature “Kamehameha”.  His power only gains intensity as levels upon levels of special transformations are uncovered, making him one of the strongest fighters in the universe even by his race’s high standards. Not to mention, it’s sort of his hobby to fight strong opponents, and as far as we can see, there are plenty of challengers to keep him in tip-top shape.

Luffy from One Piece

Luffy, the leading man of One Piece, is another character on the search for a mystical item, who shows that determination and true enthusiasm for one’s journey can have amazing results. The One Piece is a treasure claimed to grant vast riches, fame, and possibly the coveted title of Pirate King. Filled with wonder and excitement for the bold buccaneering life, Luffy follows in his childhood hero’s footsteps and joins in the chase for the One Piece.

The straw-hat wearing pirate seems lighthearted, and sometimes simple-minded at first, but Luffy doesn’t follow his dreams unprepared. His straightforward tenacity is backed by incredible strength; he’s even able to snap steel with his bare hands! After eating the “Gum Gum Fruit” Luffy also gains extreme elasticity, meaning he can punch the baddies from as far away as he sees fit.

 Alucard from Hellsing

The Hellsing Organization works to take down the threatening supernatural entities that plague their world. Lucky for them, against this barrage of monsters they have an ace card tucked up their sleeves, one with a distinctly matching image to their enemies. Alucard is a vampire and their most powerful asset.

Alucard has his own deck of cards that makes him no foe to be trifled with. Immortality, shapeshifting, and superhuman strength are merely a few of the skills he possesses. Despite these impressive feats, what lands him on this list is the eerie statement that he is unable to be killed unless he wills it. Is this true? There’s always a chance to be disproved but let’s just say numerous attempts have left little doubt.

Tenchi Masaki from Tenchi Muyo

In Tenchi Muyo, we jump from the blurred depths of the supernatural into the equally intimidating realm of sci-fi. Tenchi Masaki is similarly sucked into this world without warning when a space pirate on the run from the Galaxy Police shows up at his door. As Tenchi discovers more about his own history and the legacy he holds, his strength (and his group of alien companions) grows.

Tenchi is a competent swordsman and martial artist, but what earns him a place on this list is a power he’s yet to fully master. He’s able to turn pure energy into matter, typically in the form of weapons or armor. This technique reveals connections with a godly being, meaning Tenchi has the potential to become nigh-omnipotent and is only waiting for the ticking clock to chime.

Saitama from One Punch Man

It’s no contest who the most powerful superhero in One Punch Man is, but there are still a lot of people who don’t seem to realize that. In fact, practically no one knows who he is until a young cyborg pulls him into joining the Heroes Association. Soon more and more opponents are lining up in front of Saitama, but are any of them strong enough to relieve his boredom?

Saitama is able to defeat anyone in a single punch. Anyone really means anyone, and a single punch really means a single punch. Some people take that kind of power and turn to the dark side, play with innocent lives for their amusement. But as for Saitama? Saitama is just trying to find someone he can fight…or at least punch twice. Perhaps he could find that from someone else on this list.

That wraps up our list of the strongest anime characters of all time. Agree, disagree, or have one to add? Comment and let us know!

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