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Anime Sequels We All Want to See

It seems every year more and more anime are receiving second, third, and even fourth seasons. There are however also quite a few series that unfortunately have been left in the dust, at least for now.  In this list, I’ll be sharing my two cents on the matter and sharing some anime that definitely deserve a second season.


Mononoke follows the intriguing life of Kisuriuri or “The Medicine Seller” as he travels across feudal era Japan. However, this mysterious man does not treat merely everyday ailments like the common cold or the weird cough you hope you don’t catch from some stranger on the bus. He is a master of the occult who searches out malicious spirits called mononoke in order to slay them.

The show has a beautiful and unique art style that is fully taken advantage of for the perfect atmosphere. It’s a skillfully presented horror which doesn’t rely on as intense violence in bloodshed as you may see in many modern works of the genre but still leaves you unsettled and ever more curious about the main character. While technically a spin-off of Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror, Mononoke stands fantastically on it’s own and is certainly something I would love to see more of.

Say “I love you”

Mei Tachibana is a  caring and honest girl but troubles and betrayals of her past have left her unsociable and at times nervous around other people. Yamato Kurosawa on the other hand is one of the most popular guys in school and seems to be incredibly caring and friendly to anyone you could ask. Here’s the kicker—literally, the two meet when Mei kicks Yamato and sends him falling down the stairs and head over heels in love.

The setup may sound cliche but Say “I love you” is a heartwarming, sweet, and pure breath of fresh air in its genre, easily considered a classic. Though it did a great job with only 13 episodes and ended on a satisfactory note, it left much of the manga unadapted since it was still publishing at the time of the anime’s release and a second season to animate these remaining volumes and have the endearing couple return to the screen would be a delight to any romance fans.


Nana is titled for it’s lead characters, two young women who share a name and a fateful encounter on a train to Tokyo. Nana Komatsu is naive, clingy girl who falls in love easily moving to the city to be with her boyfriend. Meanwhile Nana Osaki is the proud and mysterious punk vocalist trying to start a career with her music. Despite their differing personalities they end up as roommates and close friends, supporting each other as their lives become more deeply intertwined.

The anime is heartwrenchingly dramatic with realistic characters and relationships you can’t help but get sucked into. The vague ending left viewers wondering how the story got there and how it would carry on, but unfortunately the manga has been on hiatus for years without signs of a return date. Fans can only hope that someday the much awaited continuance of Nana and Nana’s lives will come to be.

Angel Beats

Angel Beats focuses on the SSS or Shinda Sekai Sensen (Afterlife Battlefront), a group of rebellious teens going up against none other than God himself, and their brand new recruit Otonashi who woke up on their battlegrounds with no clue as to what was happening. As Otonashi comes to terms with the shock of being dead he searches for his lost memories and those of the ones around him, gradually unraveling the mysteries of the afterlife.

In it’s mere 13 episodes the series managed to touch the hearts of many, famous for being a tearjerker. With such a short air time there were lots of things left underdeveloped, character histories left undiscovered, and most everyone who watched the original show would be ecstatic to catch wind of a new addition to the world whether  it’s a prequel, sequel, or something in between.

That wraps up our list but I know there are plenty more shows that could do with a sequel so let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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