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CODE VEIN: The Revenant’s Watchkeeper, Failed Experiments and Multiplayer Support

Even more information has been released on the upcoming action RPG title, CODE VEIN published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Sharing gameplay and visuals to the critically acclaimed ‘Dark Souls’ franchise, CODE VEIN offers its own niche to the action RPG genre. This latest release has minor details on multiplayer capability and new additions to the cast!

Enter, Karen the Revenant Watchkeeper.

CODE VEIN allows players to answer requests from other Revenants whilst battling against the Lost. Explore and defeat enemies lurking through each dungeon with your A.I. companion and another human player to progress through the difficult areas of the game. Players are able to communicate through a combination of gestures, stamps and voice commands for additional teamwork.

Emotion interactions in CODE VEIN.

Two cast additions have been announced for the game, being Karen and Cruz. Karen is the older sister of the late Louis who was later revived as a Revenant. Her role entails taking care of Revenants and supporting them on the battlefield. Cruz, on the other hand, has experienced traumatic experiments in order to save mankind. Due to complications of an unsuccessful experiment, Cruz became a destruction incarnate within the world of CODE VEIN.

Cruz showing her power...

Only time will tell what other surprises are in store for CODE VEIN fans, but Bandai Namco’s work ethic is proving to be nothing less than impressive.

CODE VEIN will be available for PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC in 2018. 

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Rice Miso

Rice Miso

Rice is a young, indie developer and an avid solo queue competitor in Overwatch. After working on multiple projects, including Dragon Ball Online Global, Rice decided to work on some more of his own, including and more recently, Nichibotsu.
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