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Hero 27 Combat Style Exposed! Hero Class Revealed? What You Need To Know About Brigitte Lindholm


From hints on the Overwatch Twitter to the forum pages on Reddit, there is no denying that Torbjorn’s hot kickass daughter is heading the lineup of candidates for Hero 27. By studying both the lore drops and Blizzard’s pattern of hero releases (typically one surprise followed by one highly expected), plus with how much the fandom absolutely adores her, it’s safe to assume she’ll be a playable character.

However, there’s a big question that comes to mind: how Brigitte will fit into the Overwatch gameplay? Since she likely won’t be released onto the PTR until mid-march, we here at Miso have been cracking our knuckles and diving into the research to get the edge on what kind of hero Brigitte will be.

The Weapons

Just within the past 48 hours, the Overwatch official Twitter has posted some very interesting art revealing concepts for Brigitte’s  weapons. One image is of a tower shield with a similar design to Reinhardt’s barrier, while the other appears to be a mace-like weapon with retractable “wings”. The mace-like weapon appears to have both short range and long range capabilities. Breaking down the first image, we can note a few pieces of evidence that prove this theory.

Notice how there is a chain attached to the wings. Overwatch analyses have suspected that this indicates the weapon functioning similarly to an agricultural-inspired medieval weapon known as a “flail “, which was used primarily for attacking around shields by swinging it. Others have predicted that the weapon could function more like a whip and provide Brigette with “crowd control” capabilities (i.e. pushing characters back or stunting them in a similar manner to either Reinhardt or Doomfist). Given that the wings are retractable, we can assume that any long-range capabilities of the weapon will be the secondary feature. Granted that Brigitte takes design inspiration from Reinhardt’s equipment (which we will cover in a moment) and based on the design of the weapon with the wings closed (not to mention the quote on the tweet:” “) all signs point to Brigitte being a primarily melee based hero.

Regardless of her long range and short range capabilities, an interesting feature is her shield. Designed to be smaller than Reinhardt, it extends vertically and resembles a riot shield. Given the limited protection it would provide to teammates, it is presumed that the shield will be for her usage alone. This means that we can presume her combat abilities will be similar to a sword-and-shield style, allowing the player to alternate between the mace and shield in a similar manner to other games (such as Legend of Zelda or Skyrim).  It has also been speculated that she may even have a spinning ability or ult that could mimic Link’s charged up sword attack.

Could Brigitte be the First New Defense Hero?

It can be presumed that Brigitte will not be a tank but instead defense, and there are a few good reasons as to why.  First on the list is that the Defense category is long overdue for a new hero to join the roster. Though has been commented that the defense class was originally the place for “misfit” heroes that don’t quite fit within the other main categories, all defense heroes do share some key characteristics. Defense tends to be slower than offense, but faster than a tank and can deal heavy damage.

Some tend to have enemy detection abilities (examples include Junkrat’s trap, Widow’s Venom mine,  Hanzo’s sensor arrow, and Torbs turret), while others can regenerate health (i.e. Mei and Bastion). They are also best in mid to long range combat. If it turns out Brigitte’s mace is primarily a long range weapon, then that gives all the more reason to stick her in defense. However, if it is short range it’s not a deal breaker.

If we continue with the assumption of sword-and-shield style play then it would likely make her too slow for offense but still faster than the tanks. In addition, we can predict that she will have some means of third ability that will either detect/detain enemies, or allow her to partially regenerate health. Speculation points to either an armor enhancing ability similar to her father’s or her shield offering her some sort of regeneration. Granted her size, build,  and suspected capabilities, the 200-250 HP within the defense class seems like a reasonable choice.


Want to keep up with all the Overwatch news? Looking forward to Brigitte joining the game? Have your own theories about Brigitte’s gameplay? Subscribe to Miso and leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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