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Brigitte Gets Mega Nerf!! Plus New Free Widowmaker Skin!!


Upon Brigitte’s arrival in the PTR, many support mains rejoiced, hoping for a counter against  DPS. However as the Overwatch development team rolls out a new patch, it is still unclear what role she fits in-game. For anyone who has played the lovable engineer has learned fast that she does not function like your average support.

From the start, Brigitte’s healing power has been limited. Her armor packs have a similar function to Symmetra’s original shield ability, but with exception of a cool down. Even though her ultimate provides a nice healing radius, the nerf has increased the cost by 30%.  In addition, much of Brigitte’s nerf impacts her shield bash. There is now a vertical speed cap on her ability, keeping players from exploiting the unintended agility boost. A delay has also been added to her shield-drop after using shield bash.

New Cosmetics Revealed!

On the bright side, the new PTR patch has also revealed many of Brigitte’s unlockable skins, emotes, and highlight intros. Skins include color swaps of her original armor, as well as several skins that reflect both Torbjorn and Reinhardt’s battle gear. In the meantime, her highlight intro’s are leaving just about everyone swooning over the heroine.


Seriously though, how could anyone resist this healing knight in shining armor?

It appears Brigitte isn’t the only hero with some new accessories to show off. Widowmaker now has a new limited edition “Sarah Kerrigan” skin to honor the 20th anniversary of Blizzard’s other popular title: StarCraft. The skin will be available for free on all platforms between March 6 and April 3rd.

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