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Overwatch: How to Unlock 5 Pixel Sprays Instantly!!!


Whether you’re new to Overwatch or been playing since the open beta, surely you’ve noticed the pixels sprays. Like the golden guns, pixel sprays are a badge of honor; a way to show the world that you are a grade-A boss at playing a certain hero. However, just like golden guns, they can be nearly impossible to attain, requiring certain achievements to be unlocked. Occasionally, you may find yourself unlocking one or two of these completely on accident. Yet for the most part, these achievements will need some serious effort and dedication to achieve.  In order to give you a fighting chance, we here at Miso’s Overwatch R&D have cracked the code on how you can get at least five of these tricky sprays easy!


1. Tracers Spray 

Requirement: (“Total Recall”) Recover 400 health using Recall without dying in Quick or Comp

The Secret: Use Math and Defense

I know what you’re thinking: “Math? In my gameplay??” Well it’s more likely than you think. So long as you use some quick math and know how to push the Recall button, you’ve got this pixel spray in the bag. First, break down the numbers. Tracer’s total health is 150, and you need to Recall 400 hp. To avoid death, use recall when you’ve lost a maximum of 50 hp (about 1/3 of Tracer’s health). Every time you recall, be sure to retreat and play in the backline until the cooldown is over. This strat works best on defense objectives, especially Horizon Lunar Colony.  By losing an estimated 50 hp per recall, you will need to repeat this method a total of 8 times to unlock the achievement (400/50 =8 ). If you play your cards right you can even complete this achievement within the first few minutes of the match.


2. Pharah’s Spray

Requirement: (“Clearing the Area”) Knock an enemy to their death using Concussive Blast in Quick or Comp

The Secret: Map and Trajectory

It should come to no  surprise that Lijang Tower is a prime place to unlock Pharah’s achievement ( I mean, who hasn’t been knocked off the bridge at some point or another?) Not to mention the Illios maps. However the key to assuring that your concussive blast will knock an off and not into safety is to keep in mind the direction of the target from where your blast will land, and their distance from it. The farther away an enemy the less effect your blast will have. Also, its important to remember the blast will push the enemy away from it in the direction they are currently positioned in from the impact point.

3. McCree’s Spray

Requirement: (“Whoa There!”) Interrupt an enemy ult with Flashbang in Quick or Comp

The Secret: Linear Enemy Ults

You will have the best chances acquiring this achievement by using your flashbang against heroes who have prolonged ults that tend to travel in a linear direction.  Roadhog and Moira especially make good targets. There are two successful ways to go about using your flashbang. One is to out of the line of sight of your target and use it while they’re focused on taking out your team. Or make sure you are close enough that when they initiate their ult your flashbang will be in range.


4. Sombra Spray

Requirement: (“Hack the Planet”) Hack 15 enemies without dying in Quick or Comp

The Secret:  Stealth Only

Your team may not enjoy your “solo mission”, so avoid trying this in comp.  First, secure a health pack and set your trans-locator there. Be sure its not easily accessible to the enemy team. Then use your invisibility to reach the backlines for hacking.  Slow moving heroes like tanks are always good targets, but don’t focus on one hero. Eventually they will catch on and look for you. Avoid heroes that can oneshot you (i.e. Zenyatta, Reaper and Hanzo) and if your cover is blown, abort. Like the Tracer strat, keep Sombra’s health in mind (200 hp total). You can try and take out an enemy or two, but fall back if your health falls to 100 hp, or your trans-locator reaches the 5 second mark . Payload maps like  Kings Row, Junkertown can also better your chances, as the fighting stays pretty linear, allowing you to sneak from behind.


5. Hanzo’s Spray 

Requirment: (“Simple Geometry”) Get 2 killing blows with a single use of Scatter Arrow in Quick or Comp

The Secret: Chokeholds and Small Spaces

This achievement will likely be gone once the development team patches the new Hanzo changes, so grab it while you can! We have all been victim to the oneshot-power of the scatter arrow, and by now we all know how its done: aim towards the ground under the feet of an enemy. However getting two kills with one scatter is a bit trickier. For starters, use the defense on Numbani, Hanamura, or Hollywood to your advantage. To get the most out of your scatter, use it in small spaces with low ceilings. Follow the pathways taken by the enemy team and once they start pushing through a choke (ex. security room in Hollywood) use the scatter. Target lightweight DPS  or supports, not tanks. Keep note of the angle you’re shooting from as well. Based on the angle, trajectory will change and alter  strength of impact when it hits a target. For best results, aim straight against an inside wall or directly up/down in order to keep the scatter more condensed and controlled. 


Want us to research other achievements? Have some tips and tricks you want to share? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Red Miso

Red is a senior correspondent for A freelance writer and artist, Red joined the team in October 2017. An avid gamer, Red has competed in Overwatch Tespa tournaments and enjoys and reports on a variety of Esports and recreational based games in addition to anime.
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