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Three Secret Tips To Win Fortnite Battle Royale

Tired of coming second place? Annoyed that all you got from the house you looted was a grey pistol? Me too! Fear not, however! No longer will you have to press ‘Return to Lobby’, as these three secret tips will give you an edge in Fortnite: Battle Royale. (Thank us later!)


An image of a Fortnite house's interior

Not literally, but almost! After landing in the house or location of your choosing, quickly hack at all the objects you can. On average, a house’s interiors can harvest you 130 Wood, which is more than enough for a small base or two! This also allows you to survive longer if you don’t have a gun (I’m looking at you, Crossbow), or trump your material-less enemies!

Each object within a house will give between 2-9 materials (maybe a little more), so get to swinging!

2. Get the High Ground

tilted towers

Although this is fairly well-known, a large proportion of Battle Royale players still fight downhill. Gather the high ground quickly, either before or during a fight.

Look for cliffs or rooftops to perch upon and watch other players. Alternatively, build a small fort in the middle of or before a battle to elevate yourself. Always keep watch and pause occasionally to look in other directions. Don’t make things harder for yourself – the game already does that!

3. Fight until the end

Fortnite Steps

Finishing second place in Battle Royale is easy to achieve if you stay hidden, although finishing first place requires more than just silent steps! Make sure you rush enemies who are without cover or those who rest in small bases. Build stairs in pairs to approach enemies and use a close ranged weapon to eliminate them.

With these three secret tips, you should be well on your way to securing your first (or hundredth!) Battle Royale victory! Check out our post on the Best Skins of Fortnite Season 3 – your favourite skin might be there!

Have any more tips you’d like to share? Questions or complaints about your Battle Royale experiences? Let us know in the comments below! Follow our Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch for more miso news and memes!

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