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Hanzo 2.0: 3 Things You Need to Know!!

After months of waiting its finally here!! Hanzo’s new abilities have now been added to the PTR. As suspected previously, scatter arrow will now be replaced with two new abilities entitled “storm arrow” and “lunge”. Players can use leap to do a horizontal jump, while storm arrow (originally titled volley) allows the player to do up to 6 rapid fire shots on an 8 second cool down.

 1. Storm Arrow is Deadlier Than Scatter

The fact alone that storm arrow can be controlled really levels up the advantage. Though its a struggle  adjusting from that old habit of aiming against the walls.  But being able to guarantee a shot as opposed to just hoping is a nice change. Hit-scan mains will be able to adjust quicker, as storm arrow does not require you to hold down the button to load up charge. Instead it just takes a click. Being able to space them out is also an advantage.  It gives players a chance to get quick head-shots if they know how to time it right.  Not only that, but if faced with a tank, storm arrow can take them out with about 5 body-shots.


2.  Lunge is INSANE

Like Brigitte’s shield bash, Hanzo’s lunge is on a 4 second cooldown. If the new tank-support is anything to go by, you can bet players are going to abuse the heck out of it.  It gives Hanzo a way to effectively dodge incoming fire. In addition, Hanzo can get to sniper posts much faster. The ability is able to be used in pair with wall climb, so places like the craft in the Gibraltar hangar become much easier to access. Plus, the ability works similar to Tracer’s Blink, allowing players  to control the direction Hanzo moves.


3. Sonic Arrow Nerfed Plus Secret Buff??

Despite the joy from the reworking, the sonic arrow’s cooldown has been increased to 20 seconds. Meanwhile, its detection radius has been cut by 1/3 and duration down to 6 seconds.  However in gameplay experience so far, these nerfs are not significantly damaging to the arrow’s effectiveness. On top of that Hanzo’s regular arrows have been buffed, with damage increased by about 15%.  A slight speed increase to shooting times has also been noticed in PTR gameplay, however so far there is no found official mention of such a change in patch notes.


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Red Miso

Red Miso

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