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Fortnite x Avenger’s Infinity War: Limited Time Mash-Up!

Fortnite’s new, limited-time mode has been released! Appealing to both hardcore Marvel fans and Battle Royale players, the new ‘Infinity Gauntlet‘ mode gives players the chance to play as Thanos from the new Avenger’s movie, Avenger’s: Infinity War.

How it works

Players are thrown into a typical battle royale setting, set to scramble for weapons and materials. After the storm begins to move in, the Infinity Gauntlet spawns randomly within the circle, visible to all. Any player who successfully uses the gauntlet first will gain Thanos’ powers and teleport elsewhere.

With great power comes responsibility, however, and the player with the gauntlet will be a map-wide target! Thanos’ location and health can be seen by all, and Thanos cannot gather materials or use weapons. Upon killing an enemy, Thanos will regenerate any lost shields.

The attack causes a terrible heartbeat, dizziness with loss of balance, I have a terrible fear for my life, and a lot of unpleasant sensations in my head. In short, you’re unable to concentrate and gather your thoughts together.

Thanos has four main abilities:

  1. Super Jump – This allows Thanos to jump into the sky and overlook the island. Thanos can fly towards the ground and perform an area of effect, earthshattering punch.
  2. Power Punch – Thanos can perform a punch which destroys structures and offsets foes
  3. Power Stone Beam – By using the Power Stone, Thanos can fire a beam that deals damage over time
  4. Thanos takes no fall damage.

Fortnite x Infinity War - Thanos Crouching

How to survive

Be careful of other players as unlike in the film, everyone is an enemy! The item drops in the mode are rarer so don’t be surprised to find Scars and purple Light Machine Guns throughout the map. Care is to be taken when approaching the Infinity Gauntlet, as surrounding players will attempt to take you down.

The new mode is limited-time only and therefore should be enjoyed to the maximum before it’s over! The mode is spoiler free, so fear not!

Fortnite x Infinity War - Thanos Emote

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