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New Mercy Skin Released for Charity!!

From now until May 21, you have the chance to be a hero and fight against breast cancer.  The Overwatch creative team has partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The foundation is a New York based non-profit that prides itself on working to fund new innovation for tackling breast cancer. Blizzard has announced that 100% of all proceeds received from purchases of the skin will be donated to the foundation. In addition, Blizzard has pledged a donation $250,000.00 USD ( £ 184098.75) on top of proceed earnings.


How to Get it

The skin can be purchased through the game as advertised on console. However, the best way to purchase a skin is going through the playoverwatch website and log in with your account. The skin is non transferable. So if you have multiple playing platforms, then you will need to buy the skin for each of them. The skin is priced at $15 USD ( £ 11.06 ) each. Players can also receive Twitch related goodies  by participating in a number of select charity streams featured for the event. Plus, viewers will get the chance to unlock pink Mercy related Twitch emotes.



And if all those treats aren’t enough for you,  pre-ordering is now available for an exclusive Pink Mercy T-shirt.  50% of the t-shirt cost will be donated to the  BCRF, along with proceeds from the in-game purchases. Pre-order window ends May 21st.


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