E3: Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch might be closer than expected

The world’s favourite battle royale game might just be arriving on the Nintendo Switch sooner than originally anticipated. Nintendo’s flagship console has become increasingly popular with the younger demographic – the same audience who play Fortnite. With photos hinting at the game’s appearance at the Nintendo booth for the E3, the chances of a Nintendo Switch port are quite high.

What we know so far

A tweet sourced an image from a 4chan board supposedly leaking the Nintendo E3 booth layout earlier this week.

This week, a developer and hobbyist console hacker on Twitter uncovered a file in the Nintendo eShop, appearing to be an update for Fortnite.

On top of this, an icon for Fortnite was also discovered in the eShop.

Currently, it’s unclear whether Save The World will also be ported onto the Nintendo Switch, but more news is expected as the E3 summit closes in.

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