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Sombra Infinite Invisibility?! New Buffs and Nerfs on PTR!!

With all the excitement surrounding Hammond in the new PTR patch, you may have missed a few key nerfs and buffs that also dropped. Here’s a breakdown of all the new changes coming soon to a game near you!


Sombra Stealth Rework

2nd to Hammond’s reveal, one of the most important things to hit the PTR. Not only does Sombra invisibility last infinitely, but so does her translocator. Now instead of it functioning on a 14 second time limit, the translocator will remain until used or destroyed by the enemy team (now has 5 health). However, Sombra mains shouldn’t celebrate too much. No longer will Sombra be able to contest an objective while invisible. The range of detection has also been expanded from 2 meters to 4.


McCree & Soldier Hitscan Improved

Being the primary Pharah counters in the game, this buff was a long time coming. Both received buffs to their minimum damage at max range (basically the amount of damage from the weapon at the farthest distance it can reach).  Known as “damage fallout” ,  both McCree and Soldier saw an increase in damage from 30% to 50%.


Sniper Short-Range Nerfs

Not surprising that Hanzo’s storm arrow’s duration is being reduced from 6 seconds to 5. Or that the cooldown has been increased from 8 to 10 seconds. However, what was surprising is that Widowmaker’s short-range fire was nerfed. The damage fallout was reduced by 50%.


Surprise Mei and Bastion Buffs!!

Unexpected, Mei’s damage fallout received a major buff, increasing all the way to 100%.  Meanwhile, both Bastion’s Sentry and Configuration modes recieved a damage fallout buff from 30% to 50%.


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