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How to Master Hammond : 5 Easy Tricks

Though the response to Hammond was lukewarm at best, the speedy little hamster has made quick work of burrowing deep into our hearts. From his emotes to his ult, the ham-ham has quickly become a fan favorite, both inside the community and out.  But just because he’s a popular pick doesn’t mean it’s all peaches and cream.  With a 3-star difficulty ranking,  Hammond is definitely one of the hardest heroes to master. But once mastered, the lovable fuzzball can me an amazing asset to anytime. Here’s 5 easy tips and trick to help any aspiring Hammond mains out there:


1. The Key is Velocity

Don’t worry, this isn’t some lesson in physics or math. But in order to master Hammond, its important to know how to pick up speed. You always want to make sure you have enough distance between you and other objects around the map that you’re able to maintain your level of speed without getting knocked off course. This is a crucial thing to remember when dealing with payload maps. One of the easiest (and funnest) skills to learn is swinging around in a circular motion. However each payload map includes one or two spots where the distance between Hammond and the walls will be too narrow to build up speed. Spots to avoid using the “centrifuge” technique are as follows:

  • Around second bridge on Junkertown first checkpoint
  • Left side of the pub before second checkpoint on Kings Row
  • Starcraft area before second checkpoint on Blizzard World
  • Side of the gas station before second checkpoint on Route 66
  • First stretch of the warehouse near final checkpoint on Route 66


2. Swing, Slam, Rinse, Repeat

Hammond is surprisingly viable on defense. Especially when paired with a few hit scans and a shield tank. An excellent technique to both improve your skill and give your team the advantage is the “Rinse Cycle”. Have the rest of your team set up at the choke like usual. Hook on to an area that provides a decent amount of length to your grapple. When the enemy team starts rushing your shield tank or  pushing the choke, ram into them. Allow the moment to raise you high enough to position yourself over any squishes at half health and slam down on them. Once in the midst of the enemy apply shield and roll back to your team. From behind your shield tank you can then proceed to apply some damage before repeating the cycle again. This tactic can be highly effective on offense as well.


3. Shield Wisely

We’ve all been there at this point, Hammond main or not. You roll in to disrupt or damage the enemy team, only to have your health evaporate despite the shields you applied. The radius for enemy detection on Hammond’s shield is actually much smaller than it seems. For console players in particular, there is also a noticeable lag when trying to apply shields. As a result, timing your shield’s is very important. It is also advised that a shield be used in order to get out of a sticky situation. The best way to use shields for escaping is to apply it when at half health.


4. Defend the Healer

Being a big target and countered by everyone, Hammond’s health can be taken out in no time. However, Hammond’s weaknesses can also be a strength. Being a large target allows Hammond to essentially work as a body guard to support teammates. And his hitscan and mobility make him able to take out even the most annoying of flankers. What’s great is while you’re 1v1-ing your support can be pocketing you, giving you the extra boost of health needed to even deal with the toughest of flankers.


5. Be Creative

The greatest thing about Hammond is how outside the box his abilities are. They give players a way to both explore the character and the environment, and come up with new and exciting techniques every day.  Taking the time to really experiment with Hammond will go a long way. Practice swinging on various maps and take risks trying different things. You’ll be surprised what you can accomplish.


Have some cool techniques to share? Want to give some pointers of your own? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below, and subscribe to on Patreon. In the meantime, check out top fan predictions for Summer Games Loot.

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Red Miso

Red Miso

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