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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Top 5 Best Predictions

The hype-train rides again! Since its reveal at E3, the hype over Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continues to skyrocket. And with the most recent Nintendo Direct feature, revealing Simon Belmont and K. Rool as playable characters, the forums have been flooded with ideas for what could come next. So what could be added to this already record-breaking colossal game?  Let’s take a look at some of the most popular fan theories:

5. Twintelle Enters the Ring!

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While the Arms fandom remains pretty small, the addition of Twintelle brought worldwide attention to the game. With Arms being the new kid on the block among Nintendo franchises, skeptics argue that the character is not well known enough to be added. On the other hand, adding the Brazilian femme fatale would be a smart move on Sakurai’s part.

Not only does she have a move set and potential smash that could be easily incorporated into the game, but as it stands, the roster is lacking severely in its diversity. Aside from a few of the inkling skins and Ganondorf, the rest of the humanoid lineup is white. In recent years, Nintendo has shown an interest in building diversity within it’s games to help appeal to the ever-expanding global audience. Adding Twintelle would both aid in that commitment and and increase the the appeal of the Smash series to the casual audience.


4. Minecraft Map

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Nintendo and Microsoft have been on openly good terms. And with the recent cross-platform play mechanics, their relationship just keeps getting better, giving us plenty of reason to expect more Microsoft game content in Ultimate. One game fans suspect is Minecraft. Not only is it one of Microsoft’s best sellers, but the games hosts a multitude of different landscapes, any of which would make a good map.


3. Echo Fighter Shadow

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Sega and Nintendo share a long deep roller coaster-ride of a history, resulting in a pile of crossover games spotlighting each company’s respective icons.  With the addition of Sonic in the previous Super Smash Bros., its no surprise that fans would push for more of the blue hedgehog’s squad to appear in the future. Among the list of fan picks has been Shadow, Sonic’s “edgy” rival.

The character has developed a cult following since his debut in Sonic Adventure 2, which eventually led to  his own spin-off game in 2005. Previously, chances of Shadow ever joining smash were 0.00%, but now he has a chance. Despite having a gun, Shadows move set is near exact to Sonic’s (with some slight exceptions). This would make him easy to add as an echo fighter.


2. More Final Fantasy Content

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Yes, the relationship between Nintendo and Square Enix is basically non-existent. But that didn’t stop Cloud appearing as DLC for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Already confirmed for the new roster, it begs the question whether fans could be getting some other Final Fantasy content in Ultimate. Fan speculation has consisted of everything, from Vincent and Yuffie assist trophies, to Zack being an echo fighter, to even Sephiroth being added. Normally such theories can be brushed off, but with how much content Sakurai is cramming into the game, anything’s possible.


1. Banjo and Kazooie Finally Confirmed?

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Since their debut on the Nintendo 64, Banjo continues to have a huge following. Demand for banjo has existed since Super Smash Bros. Melee, and the momentum hasn’t stopped. In the most recent  Smash Fighter Ballot, Banjo placed in the top 10. Right now 50% of the top 20 winners are in the Ultimate lineup, so there’s a good chance he’ll be added.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Microsoft’s executive vice-president of gaming, Phil Spencer, openly stated that he would approve of having Banjo and Kazooie joining the fight.


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