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Three Live Action Anime That Need to Be Made

In recent years it feels like more and more animated movies gone live action are emerging. Live action anime adaptions too have a number that’s nothing to sneeze at with titles like Death Note even getting movies made for western audiences. Many of these adaptations have received mixed reviews from viewers and critics alike. However some, like Rurouni Kenshin, have actually gotten high praise from anime fans. So Miso has picked out a few anime we think could easily join the latter crowd with a live action movie of their own.


Promo art for Toradora featuring the two protagonists looking a little more wary than the cheerful supporting cast behind them.

Toradora has been one of the most well known romance anime since it first aired all the way back in 2008. It particularly dominates the school genre which is not an easy task. From high school to middle school to even elementary, academics is a densely populated setting for eastern and western TV shows alike. Nevertheless, Toradora pulls off the sweet story of young love and maturation best of all too many watchers. With its fun set up but not overly complex plot line and lovable characters, Toradora makes for a perfect rom-com movie. I’ll be crossing my fingers we’ll see our favourite tiger and dragon on the big screen sometime soon!


Promo art for Haikyuu featuring the Karasuno team showing off some of their best moves while their opposing teams loom ominously overhead.

Stories of underdogs are always hard not to like, and Haikyuu is exactly that. The anime follows the misfit volleyball players of Karasuno who work to reclaim the former glory their school’s team possessed. It’s a bright and cheerful show with enough struggle to keep it intriguing in both a lengthy TV show and likely a movie as well, already having been compacted into several recap films. A live action anime of Haikyuu doesn’t feel too far fetched either. A stage play, Hyper Projection Play “Haikyuu!! ,” has already had two runs which mean we’re only a couple steps away from a live movie, with some fair candidates for a cast as well.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Promo art for Madoka Magica featuring the main cast in their magical girl uniforms

A live action anime of Madoka Magica has already been teased by a stage play like Haikyuu. The anime was a classic wolf in sheep’s clothing thanks to its innocent premise and art style. It managed to tug the heartstrings of viewers and twist our views of the cliche magical girl tropes. The surreal environments of the anime would be difficult to pull off. Likewise, to capture the charming appearance of Madoka and her teammates or the thrilling action sequences isn’t simple. However, a live action movie that manages to do it right could be well worth it. It would blur yet somehow cement the boundaries presented between the real world and dizzying realm of witches. Hopefully, it would do that in a less comedic way than the 2012 parody Magica Shirabe…

Screenshot of "Kyuubey" from a live action anime parody of Madoka Magica, Magica Shirabe, where this cute alien is played by a full grown man.

That’s a wrap on this list! Do you agree with our picks? Or do you have another live action anime movie you’d like to see? And who do you think should play all these colorful characters in real life? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to see your dream casts!

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