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Eeveelution Fact-Check: What You Need to Know

At long last they’re finally here!! Leafeon and Glaceon have finally been added to Pokemon Go. But getting the Eeveelutions isn’t easy…or is it? We here at Miso have fact-checked and tested every rumor and myth on the market, so you can evolve your Eevee worry-free!

Check 1: New Lures

In order to traditionally evolve Eevee to Leafeon or Glaceon, players need a specialty lure from the in-game shop. Currently three special lures have been added: Mossy, Glacial and Magnetic. Each cost 200 Pokecoins and will help to both attract certain types of Pokemon and unlock special evolution.

How to use them is pretty simple. Purchase the lure and place on a Pokestop. It won’t specify the type of lure when attached, but they can still be identified from their special appearance.

Don’t have enough coins for a special lure? Don’t sweat it! Niantic has plans to add special lures as research quest rewards in the near future!

Check 2: Evolving Special Eevees

If you have a Flower crown or other special event Eevee, they will keep their features with the new Eeveelutions. Shiny versions of Leafeon and Glaceon are also in the game, so you can fear no more when evolving.

Check 3: Eeveelution Codes

For seasoned Pokemon Go players, they know full well of the one-time codes. However, for anyone needing a crash course, we’ve got you covered. Eeveelution codes are special names that allow your Eevee to evolve to a specific type. They are used by giving your Eevee a certain nickname and then evolving (you can always change it after). These have a one time use per account, so it’s best to save them for special quests.

If you’re like us and can’t wait to Evolve your Eevee, we are happy to report that the codes for Leafeon and Glaceon have been added! However some sites have been reporting the wrong names to use. So here’s a full list of all the current Eeveelution codes, Miso tested and approved:

  • Sparky………Jolteon
  • Pyro………….Flareon
  • Rainer………Vaporeon
  • Sakura………Espeon
  • Tamao………Umbreon
  • Rea……………Glaceon
  • Linnea………Leafeon

In addition to the codes, the silhouette of the Eeveelution will appear once the Eevee has been given the appropriate nickname. This can be seen with the new Eeveelutions and the original five.

Excited for Glaceon and Leafeon to be added? Looking for more? Share with us your thoughts in the comments and subscribe to Miso on Patreon for more!

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