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Paradise Blue – Getting Started

Update (25/02/2021) – This guide is also valid for Shinobi Souls!

Welcome to Paradise Blue (PB)! Paradise Blue is a maritime roleplaying game set in an alternate universe. Set sail as a Pirate, Marine, or adventurer and explore uncharted seas like never before.

Sold? Great! And what’s more, it’s free!

But how do you get started in Paradise Blue? In this post, I will walk you through the basics for getting started in PB.

So… Where do I begin?

Good question! The first and most important thing to do before you log into Paradise Blue is to design your character. As this game solely focuses on living through and narrating your character, imagination is key for your long-term enjoyment of the game!

That’s cool and all, but why is this important?

Poor character design can lead to plotholes and contradictions in your characters nature. This will be troublesome when interacting with others, and may even affect your notability.

Alright, but how do I make a good character?

The rule for character design is to not overthink it:

  • Are there characters in anime or games or popular media that you like?
  • Why do you like them?
  • What inspired you to base your character off of them?
  • What race is your character?
  • Where did your character grow up?
  • Does your character have any relatives?
  • What happened in your character’s past?
  • What are your character’s goals?
  • How old is your character?
  • What is your character’s name?

Note down all of those key points and take from them to build your character.

Once you’ve done this and are comfortable with your character, continue past this point in the guide!

It is a requirement to have a story for your character if you are going to play Paradise Blue!

Warning: Don’t copy a character word for word! That’s the same as having a bad character design.

Downloading… Done!

Next up is installing Paradise Blue. Fortunately, it’s a very short and simple process.

To begin, you need to navigate to and download the latest version of ‘BYOND‘ (this is the magic engine that runs the game!).

BYOND is perfectly safe, but do feel free to virus check the files with a virus tool if you do feel uncertain. – always download a program from the official website

When BYOND has finished installing, make an account on the website, and then you’re almost good to go! Click here to go to the official Paradise Blue page where you can access the game. Hint: Press the big ‘Play’ button!

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Rice Miso

Rice Miso

Rice is a young, indie developer and an avid solo queue competitor in Overwatch. After working on multiple projects, including Dragon Ball Online Global, Rice decided to work on some more of his own, including and more recently, Nichibotsu.
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