Update (25/02/2021) – This guide is also valid for Shinobi Souls!

Combat in Paradise Blue is different from other games of the same genre. In Paradise Blue, stats are used to determine the outcome of an action, while perks take a more supplementary role.

In combat, you must use the ‘Calculate’ to see who will be successful in their attempt that round. The reason for this is that it simplifies combat, makes it faster and it also prevents arguments.

General Terminology and Musts

Flashing Perks

In combat, players must ‘flash’ the skills or perks that they use. To ‘flash’ a skill or a perk means to show the skill or perk to everyone.

This is done by pressing I to open the stats window, pressing ‘Abilities’ (for skills) or ‘Perks’ (for perks), then pressing the skill or perk and selecting ‘Public’ on the pop-up window.

See the video in the close-quarters combat section if you need a visual guide!


A verb in Paradise Blue is an option that you can press. It is a function that will allow you to do different things.

For example, the ‘Say’ verb (usable by pressing S on your keyboard) allows you to talk to others!

Another example is the ‘Roleplay’ verb (usable by pressing R on your keyboard) which allows you to write a roleplay.

To use a verb, you must access the stats window first. To access the stats window, press I on your keyboard.

You can see all of the verbs in the ‘Commands’ tab in the stats window.


To ‘drain‘ is to reduce your stamina (energy used for skills), your movement units (how far you can move per turn) or your vitality (health) by a specified amount.

For example, let’s say I have 100 vitality. If I drain 20 vitality, I have reduced my vitality by 20 points and therefore have 80 left.


Tileage refers to your movement units. It’s a portmanteau of tiles and mileage.

Close-quarters Combat

Close quarters combat is a type of fighting which traditionally relies on Dexterity (speed of the attack) and Strength (damage of the attack) traditionally.

To see an ability’s damage and speed (stats), press I to open your stats window.

Then, click on ‘Abilities‘.

When you see the skill you would like to look at, click on it.

Finally, press Public to see its damage. Keep in mind this will show everyone in your sight range! See the demonstration below.

How to see your abilities in Paradise Blue

Now that you can see your skill’s damage and speed, let’s get into combat!

Taking Damage

More often than not you will take damage in combat. If you are unable to block or dodge, this will be the case. You may think that this requires math to figure out the damage, but fortunately, it doesn’t thanks to the Calculate verb!

Damage is calculated with a simple formula. If your Tolerance is lower than the damage of the attack, the damage you take is just the Damage minus Tolerance. You don’t need to know all this, however, as it is Calculated for you.

To use the Calculate verb to see the damage you take, press I to open the stats window.

Then, press ‘Commands‘ and click ‘Calculate‘.

A window will then appear giving you a few options:

Calculate window. Press Damage to Calculate damage.

Press ‘Damage‘.

It will then ask for the damage of the attack. Simple! You already know the damage since your foe has flashed the skill they are using. If they haven’t, kindly ask them to.

In this example, the skill will have a damage of 20, so I will type ’20’ where it asks me to input the damage of the attack.

Type the damage of the attack!

Then, it will ask me to ‘use your tolerance with buffs, without buffs or another number’. We will always select with buffs unless the skill directly says without buffs.

You can find out more about the ‘without buffs’ and ‘another number’ option in the Calculate Guide.

And there you go! It will tell you the damage you need to take in the chatbox to the right. Everyone else can see this too for clarity.

The damage result!

Keep in mind that you only need to care about where it says ‘They will take x damage’. Do not worry about the rest!

The rest of the words after that are just a damage breakdown for any nerds.

Finally, click the red bar to the top left of your screen to lower your vitality by that damage.

Press Deduct to lower your health.

Press ‘Deduct‘, then, type in the damage you just took. For me, it will be 20.

And there you go! Nice and easy. See a visual guide on how to do this all below.

How to calculate damage in Paradise Blue


Sometimes, you might want to block or parry an attack. In Paradise Blue, these are the same thing.

To block an attack, you need to block with an attack that has strength and speed within 10 points of the incoming attack.

(Example: If I’m being attacked by a 20 damage attack that has 20 speed, I must block with an attack that does 10 or more damage and has 10 or more speed.)

To attempt to block, both players (the attack player and defending player) must roll on a 3-sided die (D3).

The player with the highest roll succeeds in their action.

For every 10 points of Dexterity that a player has over the other player, they will gain +1 to their roll, and this can overcap.

(Example: Player A has 10 Dexterity, but Player B has 20 Dexterity. Player B will get +1 to their roll.)

To roll, open your stats window by pressing I.

Then, go to ‘Commands‘. After this, press ‘Roll‘.

Type ‘3’ for a 3-sided die.

Following this, type ‘3’ where it asks for the number of sides for the die. The result will be displayed in the chatbox.

The result of the roll!

Remember, both players must do this!

Now, to see if there are any roll bonuses for either player, both players need to go to ‘Calculate‘ in the ‘Commands‘ tab.

Then, press ‘Parry Chance‘.

Choose Parry Chance for blocking!

Then, type in the foe’s Dexterity, with buffs, in the next window that appears. If you don’t know this, ask the other player to flash their Dexterity perk, or they can use the ‘Show Stat‘ verb in ‘Commands‘.

When it asks if you would like to use your Dexterity ‘with buffs‘, select that option!

In this example, my enemy has 10 Dexterity, but I have 20. Therefore, I get +1 to my roll for every 10 points of Dexterity I have above them (so just +1).

The result!

Finally, add any roll bonuses to your original roll. So above, I rolled 3. Then I received +1 as a bonus. Therefore my roll is 4.

Compare your roll with your opponent, and whoever has the higher roll succeeds in their action!

See a visual demonstration below.

How to parry in Paradise Blue

All ranges Combat


Dodging is possible in all ranges and is a nice way to take no damage while taking a minimal risk. It is safer in non-cqc ranges, however.

To dodge an attack normally, you need to have 10 or more Speed than the incoming attack’s Speed.

(Example: I am being hit with a 20 Speed attack. I need a minimum of 30 Speed to dodge that attack without a problem.)

To see if you can dodge an attack, go to ‘Commands‘, then press ‘Calculate‘. After this, select ‘Dodging Ability‘.

For this example, I am being attacked with a 10-speed attack and I have 20 speed.

Input the speed of the attack (ranged) or Dexterity of the foe (close-quarters combat)

The result of the attempt will be displayed in the chatbox to the right.

The result! +1 dodge tiles.

Here it says that I have +1 dodge tiles. All attacks, unless explicitly stated, are 1 tile in radius unless stated.

To dodge an attack, you must have the ability to dodge equal tiles or more tiles to the size of the attack.

(Example: If this was a 2 tile radius attack, I would still be caught as I can only move one ’tile’ of the total two that the attack takes up.)

In this case, since the attack is a normal 1 tile radius attack, I can dodge without a problem!

Finally, you will need to drain a certain amount of stamina for dodging.

Go to ‘Calculate’, then ‘Dodge Cost’ and it will tell you how much you need to subtract!

You can subtract stamina by clicking on the blue bar in the top-left corner of your screen. Press ‘Deduct’ then type in the amount you need to subtract!

See a visual demonstration below.

How to dodge in Paradise Blue


Movement in Paradise Blue is slightly different from other games.

Every round you can move your full tileage (movement units) unless otherwise stated.

Before you move in combat, go to ‘Commands‘ then ‘Battle Movement’.

Then, press ‘Move‘. It will leave a trace of your character on the map as a placeholder in case you mess up your movement.

After you have moved a distance equal to your maximum tileage, you will not be able to move anymore.

Movement in Paradise Blue

If you messed up and want to go back to where you were, press ‘Battle Movement‘ then select ‘Return to Placeholder‘.

This will allow you another shot at movement! Your movement tiles will reset to the maximum.

Go back to your original position with two clicks!

Perhaps you’ve moved last round and it’s now the round after.

To reset your movement for the next round, go to ‘Battle Movement‘ and then ‘Reset Movement‘. This will give you all your movement units back too!

Reset your movement to move again!

Lastly, in certain cases, you may be unable to move your full movement units.

An example of this is being hit by a skill that reduces these units.

Let’s say I was hit by an attack that reduces my tileage by 50 units for the next turn.

I can deduct these 50 units by going to ‘Battle Movement‘ then ‘Deduct Units‘.

Deduct movement units with ease.

Finishing words

…And that’s it! Combat in Paradise Blue is nice and simple. If you ever get stuck, just refer to this guide again.

Check out our combat rules guide on a general set of rules for combat.

Have anything to say about this guide? Any questions? Comment below!

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