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Paradise Blue – Islands & Civilisations

In Paradise Blue, capturing islands comes with more than just bragging rights. Capturing islands gives you resources and complete control over the island itself!

To capture an island, find the flag for the island and press it. Be aware that you will have to fight AI to successfully conquer! These battles are lethal as you are waging war. Furthermore, these wars cost vigor to do.

After you’ve captured the island, you will be able to visit a new screen when you press the flag again.

The island interface! Each option does it’s own thing, so play around with it.

Islands provide you with income and commodities (produce) that may be unique to them. This can help you set up your own trade, or provide you with resources and funding needed for your goals.

You can even store your possessions in your island storage!

Although managing an island can be fun, islands require a lot of care and attention so that the population remains healthy and commodities are produced.

Watch your island grow! …Or become smaller.

To help you understand what’s required to have a happy population, a cheatsheet has been included below. Feel free to refer to it when needed!


The population will increase if the status of the island is not sick.

                Faster: Happy, Golden Era

                Steady: Normal, Angry

                Decrease: Depressive, Sick

If a population falls below 100, the island’s control will be surrendered.


An island’s status can be one of the following:

– Sickness: Sickness will reduce the population rapidly. It is affected by the island Hunger and Welfare which is affected by the amount of medicine available in the island storage.

                                – Depressive: This will affect the number of commodities produced by the island and the population. This is affected by Welfare.

                                – Angry: This will affect the number of commodities produced by the island. This is affected by Hunger.

                                – Normal: The default setting. Everything will run smoothly.

                                – Happy: This will affect the number of commodities produced by the island and the population. This is increased by low hunger and high welfare.

– Golden Era: This will affect the number of commodities produced by the island, the population, and the economy of the island. There is a random chance to trigger this when an island is given luxuries when happy.

My elderly relatives have taken Valium on different occasions. At they suggest you to start with the lowest dose and then gradually increase it if necessary.


These will be items produced by the workforce. The number of commodities will be constant (changing for the object type) which is then multiplied by the population and affected by the status.

                Increases: Happy, Golden Era

                Normal: Normal

                Decreases: Angry, Depressive, Sick


                This will determine the cost of items from NPCs on the island as well as how the status of the island.

                Increases: Golden Era, Happy, via trading with NPCs

                Normal: Normal

                Decreases: Angry, Sick


                Hunger affects the population negatively if it exceeds 50%.

Impacted by the number of food items available in the island storage.


                Welfare pertains to the wellness and overall vitality of the island.

                Impacted by the number of medicinal items available in the island storage.

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Rice Miso

Rice Miso

Rice is a young, indie developer and an avid solo queue competitor in Overwatch. After working on multiple projects, including Dragon Ball Online Global, Rice decided to work on some more of his own, including and more recently, Nichibotsu.
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