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Unown, Unova, and More in Ultra Bonus Event!

It’s Ultra Bonus season! Starting today, Pokemon Go players have a ton of awesome new content to unlock. Not to mention a few surprises.

with incubators effectiveness at x2 for the event, players will be able to hatch more than one.

Right off the bat, players now have a chance to catch Unown, one of the rarest Pokemon in the game! Typically available only to attendees at GoFest, the Unowns U-L-T-R-A can now be hatched from 10km eggs.

In the meantime, new shinies for Sentret and Gilgar have been added to the game. Along with shiny versions for all raid Pokemon hailing from the Johto region. These raid based shinies may only be available for a limited time, so best to act fast.

Unova is Coming!

Niantic announced that Gen 5 Pokemon will be added to the game on September 16. It’s unclear how many will be initially available, but fans expect all 156 to be quickly added to the game. Unveiled information for Ultra Bonus weeks 2 and 3 show that some Gen 5 goodies will be featured as well.

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