Twenty-two years. Sounds like a long time, yeah? Want to know what has happened in a matter of twenty-two years? The Yugioh series has expanded to six different stories, Sonic is getting his own movie, hell even Pikachu decided to become a detective. After losing so many years with Ash I would change my career field as well.

That’s a joke, people… Haha! No? Okay.

We’ve witness the failures of Ash for so many years. Some were disappointing Ls and others were just the writers not being all that kind to the protagonist. (Damn you, Takeshi Shudo!) From finishing top sixteen in the Kanto league, to now the champion of the Alola region. The closest he’s ever gotten was top four in the Sinnoh league and runner-up in the Kalos league. After twenty-two years of viewing and supporting this guy I just had to wonder, ‘Will he ever win a championship?’. The answer is ‘yes’ by the way.

As of September 15th, 2019, history has been made. The trainer who we adore so much has finally became the champ we knew he could become. No, I am not talking about Red, we’re talking about his alternate less successful version — Ash. Even though it was arguably the least challenging league he participated in, it is still a regional championship, a feat that our hero has never accomplished. The Battle Frontier feat was pretty impressive, despite the three losses from Brandon just to get there. Defeating Drake’s Dragonite in the Orange league was one of his best victories to date. Taking down that cheatcode of a Pokemon was an accomplishment of it’s own, but none of those feats come close to that championship he’s been chasing after for TWENTY-TWO YEARS!

Remember when Ash preached about becoming a Pokemon Master and we all sat there and thought, ‘When?’ Well that dream has finally came to life. The adventure of Ash has taught us all a valuable lesson. At first if you don’t succeed, try try… and try, and try… and try once more. Success will come it’s way as long as you work hard enough. If you, the viewer, didn’t get the life lesson out of this very long journey; then I suggest you go back and rewatch the 1000+ episodes of Pokemon. Chasing for your goals are never easy. You may fail a few times… or in Ash’s case, a lot of times. As long as you get back on your feet after those failures, success will come your way eventually.

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