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Paradise Blue: Sky Warden Guide

Extraordinary supports. Where would any successful fighters be without support? Probably dead (just kidding, possibly).

Though these winged ‘demi-gods’ aren’t restricted to this role of support in the slightest, it just comes to them the easiest – as opposed to any other combatant methods. Perhaps one of the more complex build paths of all the other races to get functioning. So, let’s get into the details.

Speed and longevity is their game – damage and vitality is their bane. By this, I mean that the Sky Wardens are innately swift, spawning with speed higher than all other races.

However, they also spawn with vitality lower than all other races – making them far more susceptible to being ‘oneshot’ by most decently powerful attacks. Therefore, their speed plays a large part in their build.

So, let me break this down and expand upon other parts.


  • When playing a Sky Warden, the defensive stat which you benefit from the most (between Tolerance and Speed) will always be speed. This enables you to evade many and, possibly, all attacks whilst sustaining no damage. This is a useful support tactic as it may lead to enemies wasting their stamina by firing attacks at you and allowing your own crew to outlast them.
  • However, their most prominent support features are their unique capability of utilizing ‘Fairy Dust’, a secondary energy source – separate from stamina. The spells derived from this have devastating potential if used in tandem with the right allies, e.g. their Fairy Dust Sword being wielded by a swordsman or their Halo saving an ally from lethal scenarios with healing.
  • Having this secondary energy source also allows you to last longer in combat, due to the fact you will not be spending stamina on spells (of your race).
  • You perk ‘Boundless’ is a godsend, enabling you to dodge attacks for an increased stamina drain (even if you lack the stats for it) this also allows you to dodge vertically (into the air) which cannot be done without this perk or an ability.

Note: The offensive and/or defensive capabilities of your Fairy Dust spells scale off of intelligence, so this stat is a must-have as well.


  • Fragile. Unless you’re willing to pour excessive points into tolerance and/or vitality, you will not be able to take many hits at all.
  • Lack of firepower. Due to the nature of the race, you will be lacking a high damage output without creating your own (custom) techniques.


  • Stamina. In order for a speed build to actually work, successfully, you will need a vast stamina pool. This is because dodging is quite draining – also, the more stamina you have, the lower the dodge drain is.

Tl;DR: Stamina, Speed, and Intelligence unlock the full glory of this winged race.

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Rice Miso

Rice Miso

Rice is a young, indie developer and an avid solo queue competitor in Overwatch. After working on multiple projects, including Dragon Ball Online Global, Rice decided to work on some more of his own, including and more recently, Nichibotsu.
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