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Paradise Blue: Ranks and Bounties

Being good at your job means two different things depending on your alliance in Paradise Blue. Being a notorious pirate means you’ve wreaked havoc upon the world. On the other hand, a good Marine defends against such threats. This guide will explain the importance of ranks and bounties in Paradise Blue.

Infamy and Fame

Infamy and Fame are the same, just named differently. Infamy is gained by pirates and individuals who are not pirates, while Fame is exclusively gained by Marines.

Infamy and Fame increase the daily reward received by a player.

Each day, a player is rewarded according to their Infamy/Fame multiplier. This will be 1 by default.

By gaining Infamy/Fame, you can progress faster than everyone else! An example of this is if your multiplier is 2, you will gain double the daily rewards compared to everyone else.

Now let’s get onto how you can gain Infamy/Fame.


Bounties are a numerical indication of how big and bad you are as a Pirate. The greater the bounty, the more notorious and wanted you are.

Generally, a bounty is acquired by fulfilling weekly quests, participating in events, and creating roleplay for others as a result of your actions. An example of this is breaking into a prison and freeing the inmates.

Bounties are not just for boosting your ego, and players that increase their bounty will see this. For each bounty milestone that you pass, you will gain a reward for it.

Below are a few milestones that you should be aware of:

10,000 Bells – 0.25 Infamy
25,000 Bells – 0.25 Infamy
50,000 Bells – Mystery Chest (chance to contain rare skills, weapons, consumables)
75,000 Bells – 0.25 Infamy
100,000 Bells – 0.25 Infamy
150,000 Bells – Mystery Chest
200,000 Bells – 0.5 Infamy


For the Marines, it is not possible to earn a bounty, and therefore another system has been put in place. Marines will also acquire rank up points in the same fashion as Pirates but through different weekly activities.

Marines can also receive rank points by submitting a captured outlaw to Victoria, resulting in the captured party losing 10,000 from their bounty.

This will require two Marines to participate in a small PvE event where being defeated will result in the criminal being set free without repercussions.

At the end of this event, the captured player will be free (with or without punishment depending on the success of the event).

Below are a few milestones that you should be aware of:

Infantryman (Soldier): 10 Points, 0.25 Fame
Lieutenant: 25 Points, 0.25 Fame, Personnel (1), Target Fire Skill
Lieutenant Commander: 50 points, Mystery Chest, New Rank Skill
Commander: 75 Points, 0.25 Fame, Personnel (3)
Captain: 100 Points, 0.25 Fame, New Rank Skill
Commodore: 150 Points, Personnel (5)
Officer: 200 Points, 0.5 Fame, New Rank Skill


Personnel refers to invisible NPCs that a Marine is first granted at Lieutenant rank.

These NPCs move with the Marine and are capable of using skills before they are exhausted, or, die.

Certain skills might require more than 1 Personnel to use, and therefore the Marine might have to use up an extra soldier to perform the said skill.

Better yet, the Personnel do not use up a player’s action as they are separate entities.

You can read more about this in the ‘Rank Skills’ section of this guide.

Rank Skills

If you’re a higher rank, you should have something to show for it.

For each rank where it says ‘New Rank Skill’, the Marine is able to acquire one new skill for their Personnel NPCs. Depending on the rank of the Marine, more skills will become available to them.

Here are a few skills acquirable:

Target Fire
– 25 damage
– 25 speed
– 1 Cost
– Basic Ability

Lieutenant Commander Rank Skills

Burst Fire
– 60 damage
– 20 speed
– 1 Cost

Tap Shot
– 20 damage per shot, two shots
– 40 speed
– 1 Cost

– 35 damage
– 35 speed
– Melee Unit, can be used to parry as well.

Captain Rank Skills

Continuous Fire
– 40 damage per turn, 2 turns.
– 30 speed
– 2 Cost
– One-time cost: Hits this round and next round.

Heavy Round
– 50 damage
– 25 speed
– 2 Cost
– Explodes in a 3×3 radius.

– 45 damage
– N/A speed
– 2 Cost
– Heroic: This unit’s action will be successful.
– Defends up to the damage of this ability.

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