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As the decade comes to a close, the Family Game of the Year recipient continues to ride the waves of success. Luigi’s Mansion 3 has sold over roughly 14 million copies since November, making it one of the must-have titles this holiday season. 

The Luigi’s Mansion series is well known for not only giving Mario’s brother his moment in the spotlight, but for being games that are packed to the brim with fun puzzles and secrets. And the developers over at Next Level Games have gone all out,  cramming secrets galore!  But among their treasure trove of tricks are some well hidden easter eggs. Can you spot them all?

1. Unnatural History Museum’s Unbreakable Fossils

The Unnatural History Museum is one of the game’s smaller levels, yet still jam-packed with goodies. One of the most notable is two of fossils in the T-Rex exhibit area; one that looks like a shell, and one resembling a wing. They are the only two that will not break and will remain present in the game when you return to the level.

If you were someone who saw the fossils and thought of Pokemon, then you’re not alone. The spiral shell bears a striking resemblance to the infamous Helix Fossil, which evolves into Omenyte. The fossil also became an icon during the Twitch Plays Pokemon Red, and put the original Gameboy games back into the spotlight.

2. Boilerworks Paint Splatters

If you found the hidden ghost by chucking paint in the boilerworks then you may already have a clue. The paints come in neon green, orange, and purple. They don’t connect with the themes of any rooms, but they do connect to the paint colors associated with the Inklings from Splatoon series. Not to mention there’s a few paint rollers left on the floor.

3. Dance Hall Pop-Up Coin Block

Going to the far left side of the Dance Hall, you’ll find a turntable on the wall. Spin that and a brick block appear. Hit it enough times and it’ll turn gold (and drop a gem to boot). The block is a direct reference to just about every Super Mario game you can think of. Now if only it popped out a star…

4. Master Suite Dark Moon Diorama

This isn’t Next Level Game‘s first rodeo. The Development Studio in charge of Luigi’s Mansion 3 gained Nintendo’s favor with the production of Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon. So you can bet there are definitely a few nods to their previous work. The most recognizable easter egg comes in the form of the diorama hidden within the library of the Master Suite. Look close enough and you may find another surprise hidden inside!

5. Hidden in Nostalgia

Despite Dark Moon being the chronological sequel to the original game, Luigi’s Mansion 3 feels more like its spiritual successor. The game brings back a lot of good memories for series veterans, while adding some new twists. But despite its freshness, the third installment gives several direct nods to the one that started it all.

The Treadmill Key

Although found on the eleventh floor of the hotel, the moment is a direct nod to one of the earliest moments in the original game. Not only did players of Luigi’s Mansion have to take down Biff the Bodybuilder, but to progress they needed to find the next key. Which just so happened to be hidden within the treadmill of the room.

The Black Phone Rings

If you’re a newcomer to the series, then you probably overlooked these black rotary phones. However old fans will remember them being part of one of the most mysterious (and controversial) features of the original game.

In the attic of the original mansion, there were black rotary phones placed throughout the room, which rung during the blackout. Though they provided you with vital information, people claimed that they could see Luigi’s shadow being hanged when lightening would strike. Whether this was intentional or a glitch in the game still remains unknown (and creepy!).

Shoot the Moon

While on the Spectral Catch, you can take Toad to the ship’s canon and shoot him at the moon, earning you an achievement. This is also a nod to the original game. In the observatory of the original mansion, Luigi could suck up some stardust and shoot it directly at the moon. If you aimed just right the moon would explode and reveal a hidden star.

Return of the Boo Ball

If you decided to vacuum up all the sand in the Tomb Suites, chances are you came across the boo ball. It originally debuted while boo hunting in Luigi’s Mansion. Though in the original the ball acts as a decoy, in the newest game it helps unlock an achievement.

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