Xbox players are in high spirits after last week after Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase. The company served up an A-tier roster of games trailers and reveals, set to debut alongside the Xbox Series X through Game Pass. In case you missed it, here are some of the best reveals that left players hungry for more.

Forza Motorsport

The racing franchise has long been a part of the Xbox lineup. And the newest installment is no exception. With the processing and latency the Series X offers, the game runs smoother than a hot knife through butter. But that’s not all. Turn 10 Studios has cranked the detail dial up to eleven with ray-tracing tech, making this game look unbelievably real. Racing has never looked so good.

Halo Infinite

The most iconic Xbox franchise is ramping up it’s game, literally. Fans originally got a taste of Infinite when it was teased in 2016. Now four years later, 343 Industries is proving that patience pays off. Fans can expect elements of open world and exploration, with streamlined combat that feels oh so good. Plus the graphics give players a view that’s both stunning and nostalgic. To sweeten the deal, Microsoft also confirmed that fans will be treated to free online multiplayer at 120 fps. Now if only they could give us a new remastered collection.

Psychonauts 2

The cult classic is finally getting the sequel it deserves. Developers at Double Fine have channeled all that crowdfunded energy to blow the minds of longtime fans and newcomers alike. The games vibrant use of color and unique art style has been taken to the next level on the Series X, showing the console is not just for hyper-realism. Though fans may have to wait a bit longer on the craved sequel. With mentions of delays and no release date announced, fans doubt the game will meet the Series X deadline.


Developers at Obsidian Entertainment already have a clean track record of good games. Now boosted by Xbox Game Studios, the company is rolling out even more solid content. One being Avowed, a fantasy RPG that’s coming for Skyrim’s throne. Set in the same world as their previous title, Pillars of Eternity, Avowed is expected to be a fully open world, single player experience.

Fable 4

As if Microsoft wasn’t flexing hard enough. At the end of the showcase, fans were left hyped with a teaser for Fable. The beloved series has been suspected to have a new installment in the works. However, Microsoft is aimed at rebooting the entire franchise. Though not much is known about the reboot, GamesRadar has reported on a potential leak, claiming that the game will be throwing out the steampunk vibes of Fable 3 and returning to it’s more magical/medieval roots. All thanks to time travel (yes, we said time travel). The game is expected to be released along with Game Pass, but with no release date confirmed it could be 2023 before fans get to discover what really happened to Albion.

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