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Go on a Journey with these 5 Wondrous Adventure Anime

Most of us don’t often get the chance to head out on a fun, life-changing journey. Even small trips to the park or mall are sometimes sacrificed to the daily work load. And in 2020 especially, lots of people are feeling stir-crazy. So to help you itch that wanderlust, Miso’s whipped up this list of great adventure anime!

A Place Further Than The Universe

Promo art for adventure anime, A place further than the Universe

From title alone, it’s not hard to guess A Place Further Than The Universe would be an adventure anime. And although it isn’t a journey to space like I’d thought when I first saw that title, it does involve a place far outside our main characters daily life: Antartica.

Mari Tamaki doesn’t want to let her youth pass her by. She wants to do something, But what? She doesn’t know until Shirase Kobuchizawa lands in her story, dazzling Mari with her utter resolve to travel to Antartica and find her missing mother. So she decides to join Shirase, despite the odds stacked against them. Along the way, more spirited friends are drawn into their escapade.

It’s an adventure story about reckless determination and not just reaching for that something great, but learning to reach for it together.

Castle in the Sky

Promo art for Studio Ghibli adventure anime, Castle in the Sky

Studio Ghibli is an irrefutable powerhouse when it comes to the adventure genre. Nearly all of their films are adventure and Castle in the Sky is a special classic among classics.

It follows Sheeta and Pazu, brought together by inexplicable and dangerous circumstance. Sheeta is young girl who has been captured by government agents. When she attempts to escape from her kidnapper’s airship she falls, or rather floats, straight into Pazu’s arms. Encouraged by her strange descent, Pazu tells her of “Laputa,” a flying castle in the sky. They promise to journey there together.

Planes, pirates, mysterious amulets. Even robots. This movie has everything to spell out a grand adventure.


Promo art for Mamoru Hosoda adventure anime, Mirai

Mirai is a quite unique addition to the genre. This is because unlike most adventure anime, the movie takes place almost entirely in one spot: the Oota family’s home. The real adventure is one through time.

Four year-old Kun is a new big brother and not fond of the position. No matter what tricks or tantrums he pulls, it’s not enough to draw attention away from his little sister, Mirai. He hates her. He’s certain of it. But he hardly expected her to retort by coming all the way from the future to fix his attitude. Nor did he expect the rest of his family tree to be visiting in his courtyard any time soon…

Just as in Wolf Children and Summer Wars, director Mamoru Hosoda takes a meaningful look at family and particularly what you must give and take to be part of one. The film has an oddball atmosphere that takes some getting used to, but is certainly worth the watch—especially for any fans of Hosoda’s previous work.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Promo art for Jojo's Bizarre Adventures

This isn’t the first time Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has featured in Miso’s recommendations. But we’d be amiss to include it when adventure’s literally in the title!

Similar to this list’s previous entry, Mirai, Jojo explores the story of a whole family line. Just minus the time travel. And replace the regular looking people with bodybuilders who can get into poses more ridiculous than my cat while they fight vampires, ancient deities, as well as a whole host of other strange opponents.

Jojo offers the most pure, campy adventure tale out of all the anime on this list. Especially from the second part of its first season onward it is a real never-ending journey of fun and fighting.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Promo art for The Seven Deadly Sins

The Holy Knights were known as defenders to the people of Britannia. But that was before they turned their blades, taking the Kingdom of Liones for their own. Now citizens must live under their hopeless tyranny.

However, seven knights alone were once the ones accused for such treason. Though said to have been killed by The Holy Knights years ago, rumors never die. And for Elizabeth, third princess of Liones, it’s her best hope to restore her kingdom. This story follows her search for these seven fallen knights, these “Seven Deadly Sins.”

Seven Deadly Sins fulfills the medieval style quest, akin to the prophecy and destiny tropes found in RPGs. The old fashioned world, intriguing character backstories, and fantastic fights make for a highly enjoyable adventure.

That wraps up Miso’s list on adventure anime! Do you agree with our picks? Would you want to join in on any of the adventures in these anime? Or do you have another favorite in the genre? Let us know in the comments!

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