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Miso Moment: A reflection of 2020’s Best Anime!

I’ll be the first to speak for everyone and say I am so happy that 2020 is officially over. From dealing with a global pandemic to acknowledging social justice, this year has been just a rollercoaster. If you made it towards the end of 2020 you deserve a trophy. Another prize of surviving 2020 was to witness the great year of anime we got. Unfortunately, we didn’t get everything that was scheduled through the year, but we still got a handful of great moments and shows.

Best of the Pandemic

Going into the year of 2020, if you were to read my Most Anticipated Anime for 2020 you would probably be disappointed. We still are waiting for several gems that haven’t been worked on yet, but luckily we ended up getting the best of this crazy year.

The tournament against the best of the best, and no I am not referring to Dragon Ball Super and the Tournament of Power. I’m talking about Haikyuu Season 4, the top tournament arc, and the matches that took place there. This is a spoiler-free site, but I do encourage those who haven’t watched this season to tune in. Shoyo Hinata and his Karasuno High School team took the next step in their journey. Not only did they develop as players, but they also grew as men. The realistic progression in this season is what made it so special.

Season 4 of Haikyuu

If you spent the majority of the pandemic watching One Piece like me, you probably haven’t gotten to watch the greatness that is Jujustsu Kaisen. As Jujustsu Kaisen has bursted its way into the anime world, it is huge hit, and it’s just getting started. Yuji Itadori, a young rogue who found himself fighting off a demons that eat humans, is a master in the making in the art of jujustsu. The highlight of this anime is its amazing animation. From the incredible fighting scenes between heroes and villains, to the beautiful colours of the some of the most devastating attacks ever, there is so much to like about the show. If 2020 was a crown, this anime is it’s king. It is in a league of it’s own this year, and I can’t wait to see how it develops.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Stay Inside, Stay Safe Anime

Another anime that brought smiles to our faces was Re:Zero Starting in Another World Season 2. This season went deeper into the character development of the main character, Natsuki Subaru. The Witches of Sin have brought the darkness into the show, being responsible of the lure of this wicked story. As Subaru heads on another wicked adventure, let’s hope the devilish bunnies don’t get to him – spoiler alert, they d——-.

Shinra and company take on the White Clad in season two of Fire Force. This season was better than its first in my opinion, and it taught us so much about spontaneous human combustion – aka the Infernals. We get introduced to the almighty Fire Captains, and surprisingly the humor gets better as well. The fight scenes are what keep you hooked, and season two of Fire Force has many of them. Although the White Clads may give you Akatsuki vibes, don’t worry, because the group had their own identity. Watch the fire-foot devil Shinra light up his enemies in new ways this season; you won’t regret it.

Special Fire Force 8 from Fire Force

Covid-19 Honorable Mentions

As stated, there is a handful of anime that need to be appreciated. Sword Art Online: Alicization Season Two gave us a war arc suited for the Isekai fanbase. The Misfit of Demon King Academy was a new anime that didn’t get much praise. For those invested in the older Dragon Quest video games, you will love the new anime Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

The list goes on for 2020 anime, even though we didn’t get a lot of the gems that were promised. Overall, the year had a lot of ups and downs, but we made it. The anime this year brought happiness and adventure in such a rough and stale time, and we can all agree that we needed it.

From all of us at Miso, stay safe, and look forward to the second month of 2021!

See you next time!

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