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Blood of Zeus | The Miso Review

Authentic adaptation or Castlevania copycat? Well, neither. Blood of Zeus takes its own spin on Greek mythology, creating an original odyssey founded on the lore of the ancient Greeks. The show follows Heron, a young man at the center of discord between Zeus and Hera, triggering grave consequences for the world. Heron is forced to face the mysteries of his past while embarking on his destiny to defeat a tribe of humans who have achieved great power through dark means, and seek to conquer all of ancient Greece.

The Good

If you are a fan of Netflix’s Castlevania series, then there’s a lot to love in Blood of Zeus. Although many characters echo those from the vampire hunting franchise, the show remains just different enough to keep things interesting. And Powerhouse studios floors audiences again with its epic fight scenes and art style. The studio’s art department has also taken creative liberties with character design, giving the gods of the Pantheon a glow-up. However, not all that glitters is gold, and the show does have some faults.

Apollo from Blood of Zeus
Guess the God? Apo-

The Bad

Like Icarus flying towards the sun, those who analyze the show too closely won’t be happy. Zeus is both benevolent and portrayed as a victim for a good chunk of the story, contradicting his depictions in traditional lore. In addition, by no means does the series remain historically or mythologically accurate. It takes heavy liberties, pulling from other cultures at the time, while inaccurately assuming some cultural behaviors of the ancient Greeks. This can be concerning for some, but for the average viewer, these issues shouldn’t be a problem.

Zeus from Blood of Zeus
Not-so-benevolent-but-benevolent Zeus

The Worse

What average viewers will find frustrating is the plot. The show struggles with pacing in the first half. Story elements are thrown at the viewer with limited context, which gets over-explained later on. As a result, fans will find certain plot twists boring and predictable. The characters also do little to remedy the situation. While voice acting remains superb, the main characters feel flat, giving viewers little to resonate with. The show also overuses women as plot devices, giving little to no opportunity to develop them. It’s only when the narrative shifts in the second half does the show find its footing. Here is where the pace finally picks up and achieves a better flow, enriching the story. Not to mention viewers get a peek into the villain’s POV, who becomes much more interesting as the story goes on.

Villain From Blood of Zeus
Give us Season 2, or this guy will end your whole career.

The Take

In sum, if you can endure the first half of the show, then you’ll love the second. If you’re a fan of Greek myth and culture tread lightly, but don’t expect much in terms of accuracy. And for those in search of another Castlevania experience with some added ancient flavor, well you’ve come to the right place. Overall Blood of Zeus gets a solid 3.5 bowls out of 5.

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