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Big Hero Changes in Overwatch 2

Big changes coming in Overwatch 2. Recently, the developers Livestream showcased a ton of new content for the game. Everything from new maps and game modes to new character designs, but the biggest highlight was the character reworks.

1 Tank -2 DPS- 2 Healers

The changes all stem from the new structure of the game. Now teams of 5 will go against each other in pvp, with role locks. Players will no longer be working as tanks in pairs. Instead, teams will consist of just one solo tank. The change is massive and has trickled down from reworking all the tanks, to all the heroes as well. Just off the bat some key changes to all heroes is their passives. Tanks have reduced knockback, and players will experience a reduction in ult charge when attacking them.  DPS  get a passive movement increase. And all supports will receive regeneration abilities, (granted Mercy’s regen will remain faster than others).

The Big Four Changed

All tanks will have their hero traits reworked,  making for a more-fast paced, aggressive gameplay experience. The livestream showed new reworks for the big four ( Winston, Reinhardt and Zarya),. And devs are definitely catering to the dreams of tank mains. D.Va gets a better matrix, Winston has a projectile, Zarya gets double bubbles, and Reinhardt can cancel out of his charge. But there’s a reason the big four took center stage in the livestream. They make ideal candidates for the type of gameplay devs want to pursue with minimal change. The rest of the tank roster, not so much, and it has tank players worried for their mains.

The Off-Tank Problem

WB and Roadhog were in the livestream, but for a very limited time. They also still exist as their pre-reworked selves in the footage. Both have a playstyle that act like flankers, meaning devs will have to make a choice. Either they buff their off-tank attributes so they keep flanking, or reduce them so they play closer to the teams. So far devs are prioritizing attack buffs, and talked about giving Roadhog his original hook (yes, that hook, dps beware).

At the livestream, Orisa and Sigma were not present, and a guess is because both suffer from the same problems. They’re the slowest tanks. Plus their shields give limited coverage, shaping their playstyle to be reliant on a second tank. To fit into Overwatch 2, both will have to play very different from their original counterparts. This means big changes and a learning curve put on those who main them.

The End of CC-City?

We’ve all been there: the flashbang, then shield bash, then Doomfist slamming you into a wall. Or stuck staring into the soulless eyes of a Mei while she aims an icicle at your skull. It’s those moments when you feel most defeated. Thankfully, those tickets to CC-City are becoming a thing of the past . One of the more massive reworks was the removal of the most notorious stuns in the game. It was highlighted in the livestream that Mei no longer freezes only slow. And while, not shown during the feed, developers discussed the process of removing McCree’s flashbang. For anyone on the receiving end, the changes are welcomed, but for mains its harrowing. While Mei’s kit has been modified with improved weapon abilities, it is still unclear if this will effect her ultimate. It’s even more unclear how this decision will effect other heroes on the potential chopping block.

With McCree, its a devastating blow to mains. Unlike Mei, the cowboy’s kit is fiercely limited compared to his fellow hitscan. It’s what has made the hero tough to learn but deadly in the right hands. So far developers have not commented on what they would add in its place.

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