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Rev it up! A Miso Manga Wishlist for Chainsaw Man Part 2

(Author’s Note: This piece will delve heavily into Chainsaw Man part 1 spoilers, including the ending. Please read part 1 of the series before reading this column.)

You heard it here first on Miso: Chainsaw Man is a great manga. I took a few days to tell everyone, “Told you so!” but I’m glad people are eating this series up. (Pun intended.) Chainsaw Man is finally getting his day in the spotlight, with an anime adaptation coming soon. However, I’m more excited for part 2 of the manga, which will come out on July 13. As with all fans, here’s a wishlist of things I’d want to see when the manga debuts in July.

Where Can We Go From Here?

Chainsaw Man veers into bittersweet territory with the ending to Part 1. The Gun Devil is no more, as is Makima (the bigger bad here). Unfortunately, a metric ton of characters have died, and happy-go-lucky Denji is broken and scarred. However, Chainsaw Man is now loved by many, and Denji is now a high schooler! It was a wild ride, but I’m glad it ended how it did…

…But now I can’t wait for what part 2 has in store. I think there’s some new things we can expect, and some that I would want to happen too.

Devilishly Delightful, Seymour!

As short as it was, part 1 of Chainsaw Man had the perfect length, clocking in at 97 chapters. Nearly two years of high-octane action for a hugely popular series is great, but there are still things that the series can expand upon. Part 2 should explain the lore surrounding the remnants of public safety as well as the series’ version of hell. We got a trippy (and horrifying) look at the land down under (well, the other down under) in part 1. I imagine Denji returning to tie up some loose ends with those who died in action throughout the series. Which brings me to my next point…

A Powerful Reunion

The reason Chainsaw Man works so well is the fact that character deaths stick. Other than a handful of exceptions, when a person died, they died for real. This fact drove the stakes in the latter half, with 2/3 of the main trio biting it before the end. The fact remains that devils can be reborn without their memories though, so Power can come back in part 2. (Actually, every employed devil could return as well, but I’m just focusing on Power.) Her character development with Denji was organic and a mix of silly and serious, and she’s a fan-favorite. I could see the story bringing her back in some capacity, if only to twist the knife in our hearts.

In terms of interactions, I wouldn’t mind flashbacks to peaceful times together, and maybe a chance for her to regain her memories. Knowing Fujimoto, it won’t happen, but a guy can dream, especially with part 1’s body count.

Kobeni. Just Kobeni.

Speaking of the character body count, there’s one character I’d love to see more: Kobeni! I joke that she’s the best girl because she’s the only girl left, but she’s got a great personality. Combined with her surprisingly proficient knife skills, I want to see more of this girl in action! Again, she’s one of the only characters to have survived part 1, and she exited the series unceremoniously. There’s just so much we haven’t seen from Kobeni yet (heck, we don’t even know her contracts). I’d love to see her character develop for part 2, and hopefully make her a little more confident.

Or just keep her as a nervous wreck in order to place her in increasingly dangerous jobs, whatever works.

I want more of this comedy, please!

Denji the Dad, Denji the Student

At the final chapter, Denji becomes a caretaker to Nayuta, the new Control Devil. Kishibe tells Denji that he’s unsure if she will grow up to become as manipulative as Makima. As such, Denji will need to take care of her as an adoptive father while also juggling his school career. I can see part 2 heading into stereotypical high school tropes, but part 1 has surprised me with its execution. I have no doubt that Fujimoto will be able to balance Denji’s work and school responsibilities in an entertaining way. Hopefully Pochita can make a few appearances as well; he and Denji were just so adorable.

I would also like to see some new characters at the school Denji attends. I don’t think having the next enemy at the school would be the best option, but it’s there. Having a sidekick or supporting cast of students would be neat, perhaps related to the deceased in the previous part. Yoshida was a minor character who survived, so I could definitely see him here. This would give some stakes to Denji’s relationships, which could be marred by the death of a loved one. (And again, while we’re at it, you can plop in Kobeni in a role somehow.) Some antics with Denji’s study habits would be kind of interesting too (it’s established he’s not very book-smart). Chainsaw Man part 2 can dip into some zany slice-of-life antics with gory action.

A Bigger Fish to Fry

One of the most shocking elements of part 1 was the fact that the main villain was someone else entirely. Aki’s life went from bad to worse, and it was a great way to set up the final arcs. How can you top Makima’s Control Devil in terms of villainy?

Short answer? You don’t.

Long answer? You don’t, at least not yet. I feel like the first few chapters of part 2 could rely on the aftermath of part 1 alone. We still need to setup how the remaining devil hunters are coping with their losses. I wouldn’t mind a breather for the first few chapters regarding Denji having fun balancing his new life either. I think Nayuta being tempted with the ghost of her former self would be an interesting element as well. This could give Kishibe relevance too, as he can appear and help Denji control Nayuta’s powers too.

Taking Advantage of Shonen Jump+

With part 2, Chainsaw Man is jumping to the Jump+ app (pun intended). This allows for more creative freedom, which means Fujimoto can run wild with his ideas. The original manga was rated 16+ in the west, but there were some scenes that were… a bit risqué. The Jump+ serialization means that we can experience all the balls-to-the-wall craziness in a digital format! (I can also imagine the immature jokes that will come with the new series.)

I forgot how campy the first couple arcs were.

The biggest positive with moving to Jump+ is that Chainsaw Man doesn’t have to adhere to a weekly schedule. One manga that I know that benefits from this is Ron Kamonohashi: Deranged Detective that frequently takes breaks here and there. While this can frustrate readers that want to binge-read series, it creates a feeling that each installment is special. I’m not saying Fujimoto shouldn’t do a weekly serialization, but Jump+ will allow him to do whatever he likes.

Are you as excited as us for Chainsaw Man part 2? What are you hoping the anime covers? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for more manga and anime news on Miso!

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