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Save on 3DS and Wii U Games with KEMCO’s End of eShop Sale

While the Nintendo eShop closes March 27 for 3DS and Wii U, many developers and publishers continue to offer deals. One such publisher is KEMCO, who announced an end of eShop sale for its Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games. Can you feel the savings? Check out the titles below!

Titles Offered for KEMCO’s End of eShop Sale

– Revenant Saga 50%OFF Wii U
– Asdivine Hearts 50%OFF Wii U
– Alphadia 50%OFF Nintendo 3DS
– Asdivine Cross 50%OFF Nintendo 3DS
– Bonds of the Skies 50%OFF Nintendo 3DS
– Chronus Arc 50%OFF Nintendo 3DS
– Crystareino 50%OFF Nintendo 3DS
– Dragon Lapis 50%OFF Nintendo 3DS
– Dragon Sinker 50%OFF Nintendo 3DS
– Infinite Dunamis 50%OFF Nintendo 3DS
– Journey to Kreisia 50%OFF Nintendo 3DS
– Legna Tactica 50%OFF Nintendo 3DS
– Machine Knight 50%OFF Nintendo 3DS
– Mom Hid My Game! 50%OFF Nintendo 3DS
– Symphony of Eternity 50%OFF Nintendo 3DS
– Unlucky Mage 50%OFF Nintendo 3DS

While the games are small in scope, this writer had a fun time with them. You can check out his reviews of Revenant Saga and Mom Hid My Game! While KEMCO’s End of eShop Sale is great, there are still many titles from other companies to buy.

Still looking for some hidden gems to download before the eShop closes? Stay tuned for a future column his month with 3DS eShop titles to scoop up. Stay tuned for more video game news here on Miso!

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