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Pig out on indie strategy with Hoglands on Steam this year

Get ready to go hog-wild, as Ukrainan Studio Piggy Games announced it will release Hoglands on Steam this year. Hoglands will be released on Q4 and features an action-packed story of a pig trying to save a dying kingdom. The game is available to wishlist now on Steam for those interested.

About Hoglands on Steam

Ukrainian studio Piggy Games has announced the release of its first game called Hoglands, which has been in development since 2021. Hoglands is a side-scrolling strategy game with survival, RPG elements and hand-drawn graphics inspired by the middle ages.

The creators of the game were inspired by such games as Kingdom: Two Crowns, Until We Die and Tails of Iron. The action takes place in the kingdom of pigs suffering from a terrible disease that turns everyone into dangerous creatures. You will take control of a noble pig, who is trying to save the survivors, and unraveling the cause of all the misfortunes.

Hoglands will have several levels with different victory conditions, from surviving for several weeks to killing bosses and completing quests. The main gameplay loop will consist of developing of your base, and repelling the attacks of constantly increasing waves of enemies.

Game features: 

– Recruit workers and soldiers, give them orders and assign them to work.

– Build fortifications, develop your base and research new technologies.

– Arrange raids to destroy sources of plague and collect rare resources.

– Equip the main character and get new abilities that will help you in an unequal struggle.

– The game has a dynamic change in the time of day, depending on which the game balance will shift in one direction or another.

– Make sacrifices to the evil gods, they will repay you with gifts and blessings.

Check out the trailer of Hoglands on Steam, and stay tuned for more gaming, anime, and manga news on Miso!

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