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eShop Bargain Blowout – 3DS Games Under $10

The end is nigh for eShop fans… of the 3DS and Wii U variety, that is! Come March 27, you will not be able to purchase anything new from the 3DS or Wii U eShop anymore. While it’s a shame, that means there’s still a couple days to check out some hidden gems. Check out our list of 3DS games under $10 below.

3DS games under $10 explained

Of course, with so little time left, you might just need a cheaper price point. I’m going to cheat a little with some of my picks, since some of them are under $10 on sale. That said, since these prices will remain this way until the end of the eShop, they’re fair game. Without further ado, here’s a great list of 3DS games under $10!

Pocket Card Jockey

Do you like horse races? What about Tri Peaks Solitaire? If the answer is yes to at least one of these, then Pocket Card Jockey is the game for you! (Even if it’s not, check it out anyways). It’s also one of Game Freaks’ non-Pokémon entries, which means it’s an outlier on its own merit.

The overarching narrative (you died and got reborn… to race) is wacky but complements the gameplay well. Here, you have to do well in Tri Peaks in order to place first in a variety of races. While luck will play a role in your victory, you can nudge fortune in your favor by doing well in Solitaire. (This version requires you to move up and down card values one at a time while managing leftover cards.) The music and cute also add to this; it’s an amazing value for one of the 3DS games under $10.

All in all, Pocket Card Jockey is a solid card game experiment that’ll have you itching for another race.

Aura-Aura Climber

This game is the oldest on this list of 3DS games under $10. Aura-Aura Climber is an arcade-style title with a lot of heart and charm. Here, players will guide Aura-Aura to go back to the sky; you do this by grappling on different points of the level. It reminds me of a mashup of Wireway and DK: King of Swing, which are innovative nifty handheld titles.

For a game originally on the DSi (that handheld’s eShop is dead and gone), this game holds up nicely. It’s just the right length at 10 stages and an endless mode. The difficulty is just right, and the grappling mechanics have a great risk/reward balance. At $2, it’s a no-brainer if you want an impulse purchase.

Fragrant Story

The most recent entry on this list (and one of the last physical 3DS titles), Fragrant Story’s an interesting case. This was originally a minigame from William Kage’s Otosan (in itself an upcoming 3DS RPG… maybe). In Flowergard, you control a team of children with Rhubarb, an eloquent man that will help you on your quest. Based on your selections, you can bring a certain amount of characters to your party. The main campaign consists of three stages of different tactical turn-based battles.

You must defend the kingdom from feral foes with a host of special abilities. In addition, turns take place on a timing wheel, where one wrong move can throw a wrench in your plans. You have to play your cards right in order to finish the game with unlockables at the end of your playthrough.

Fragrant Story isn’t the longest game on this list; in fact, you can finish a playthrough in half an hour. However, in a strange twist of events, the developer said that he will continue to release a new downloadable update. This will be available after the shutdown and will add a ton of new content. At $2 currently, it’s a steal!

Gurumin 3D

From here on, our 3DS games under $10 list will include games that weren’t originally this price point. Gurumin 3D is a re-release of a 2004 Nihon Falcom RPG which hasn’t aged that much. Here, players will guide a girl named Parin as she encounters the Monster Village. Phantoms attack the villagers, and it’s up to Parin and her newly found drill to save the day.

While it feels like a run-of-the-mill action-RPG, there’s a lot of goofy charm that separates Gurumin 3D from its competition. It also helps that the Monster Village is full of cute characters with whom to interact. The game looks and runs perfectly on the 3DS, and at $2 from $15 originally, it’s a deal! With the original Gurumin celebrating its 20th anniversary next year, now’s a great chance to experience it!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies

Capping out list of 3DS games under $10 is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies. To be honest, since the entire franchise is on sale right now, I’d recommend picking up… well, everything! If you could only get one Ace Attorney game from the, however, it’s this one. Dual Destinies features the return of our classic protagonist as he ditches the beanie from Apollo Justice. However, for Apollo fans, he returns as well, with a third protagonist, Athena Cykes, on the case.

Players will defend their clients in different cases (which are all related to murder) and will investigate and cross-examine witnesses. While the traditional gameplay of the first four games remains, Athena brings a new gameplay mechanic. By interviewing the witness, she can detect any emotional anomalies that may be present in their speech. It’s an interesting concept that refreshes the franchise, and set the path for convoluted cases in the sequel.

The reason I would recommend Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies as a starting point is due to its accessibility. Penalties are logical and you don’t get a game over when you lose the case; just start from that point. The jump to 3D models was a great one and showed how pretty the game could get on 3DS. In addition, there are multiple anime cutscenes made from Bones (who made the My Hero Academia anime). There’s a lot to love here for veterans and newbies alike.

And that’s our list of 3DS games under $10! (And if you want a pick for a little more? Check out Mario & Luigi: Dream Team!) You’d better hurry, because the handheld eShop shuts down March 27. Stay tuned for more gaming features here on Miso.

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