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Gimmick! Special Edition gets the Limited Run Games treatment

It’s all but one, Gimmick! Special Edition will receive a physical version on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Limited Run Games partnered with SUNSOFT, City Connection, and Clear River Games to provide a special jam-packed physical version. The game will have standard and collector’s editions, as well as a vinyl featuring the game’s soundtrack.

About Gimmick! Special Edition

In partnership with SUNSOFT, City Connection, and Clear River Games, Limited Run Games is excited to announce that Gimmick! Special Edition will soon receive an all-new physical release for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Alongside standalone copies of the game, Gimmick! Special Edition will receive a retro-stylish Collector’s Edition. Open pre-orders for Gimmick! Special Edition will run from May 16th through June 18th, 2023.

The original Gimmick! remains one of the most valuable (and rarest) NES cartridges ever made, so Limited Run is proud to bring this year’s Special Edition to life. Gimmick! pushed the Famicom and the NES to their limits, endearing Japanese and European players to its ahead-of-its-time physics, complex challenges, and star-studded soundtrack. Now, for the first time, North American players can feel the excitement of popping Gimmick! into their console for the first time—newly enhanced in Gimmick! Special Edition.

Alongside the physical edition, Gimmick! fans can pick up a gorgeous green vinyl LP containing the original Gimmick! soundtrack. Included is a special interview with composer Masashi Kageyama.

About the Physical Editions

Standard Edition (Switch/PS4) | $34.99:

  • A physical copy of Gimmick! Special Edition
    • Cover is reversible

Collector’s Edition (Switch/PS4) | $74.99:

  • A physical copy of Gimmick! Special Edition
  • Yumetaro plush
  • 2 CD soundtrack in a retro cart case
  • Enamel pin
  • Retro cart keychain

Vinyl OST | $29.99:

  • The original Gimmick! soundtrack pressed on a single clear green LP
  • Insert containing a special interview with composer Masashi Kageyama

About Gimmick! Special Edition

Save the day as a star-shooting, platform-bouncing cutie pie in Gimmick! Special Edition. SUNSOFT’s beloved physics-based action platformer finally bursts onto current platforms enriched with a rewind feature, a time attack mode, online leaderboards, and modern extras.

An old-school challenge enhanced for the modern player

SUNSOFT’s NES™ classic Gimmick! returns in this long-wished-for Special Edition from City Connection. Experience a stunning physics-based platformer with updated features like online leaderboards, achievements, a time attack mode, save and quick load, a rewind function, a gorgeous gallery (with cartridges, art, and scanned manuals), and more.

Stellar platform physics with a bouncing star

Explore a physics-based playground that was way ahead of its time. As the cute youkai Yumetaro, use your star-summoning powers to tackle complex challenges with creativity and finesse. Your wonderful star will help you reach hidden spots, traverse cliffs, and pull off trick shots that outwit even the toughest baddies!

Discover a hidden NES™ treasure

Gimmick! was exclusively released on Famicom™/NES™ in Japan and Scandinavia in the early ‘90s. It pushed the console to its limits, and the Japanese cartridge featured SunSoft 5B, a custom sound chip that let Masashi Kageyama compose a star-studded soundtrack. Gimmick! remains one of the most valuable (and rarest) NES™ cartridges ever made. The Scandinavian version was called “Mr. Gimmick.”

Uncover secrets in a race against time!

Gimmick! Special Edition features a time attack mode for speedrunners, and completionists can hunt for secrets all throughout the game. Unlock a wonderful surprise by finding everything. For a hard-core challenge, disable all quality-of-life features in “Serious Mode” to crank up the excitement!

Modern enhancements include:

  • Achievements
  • Time Attack Mode
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Save and Quick Load
  • Rewind Function
  • Gallery mode
  • Sound test

You can pre-order the game starting on May 16. This would go great with the Severed physical edition, wouldn’t you agree? Stay tuned for more gaming, anime, and manga news here on Miso!

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