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RandomVeus: One Dimensional Couriers delivers interdimensional fun this November

Send a package to your intergalactic friends as UDON Entertainment recently announced RandomVeus: One Dimensional Couriers for a November release. Pre-orders are now available in major online outlets. Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz’s graphic novel acts as a standalone sequel to the 2011 series, with full-color art.

About RandomVeus: One Dimensional Couriers:

The Veuniverse is a strange location full of daft and dangerous denizens. This place isn’t always the friendliest, so it takes a particular type of brave buffoon to be a courier, especially when there are equally rash rival couriers competing for the same jobs! Join the pompadour-styled Raimundo and his witty cohorts Bloob & Melody (the One Dimensional Couriers) in a race against time to deliver what could be the biggest package of their careers– all in service of a quizzically questionable client! If you’re a fan of dynamic, action-based anime and random humor from down under, you can’t go wrong with RANDOMVEUS.

About the Creators

Jeffrey Cruz, aka “Chamba”, is best known to comic fans for his lasting contribution to UDON’s Street Fighter comics and graphic novels, most recently contributing to the smash-hit Street Fighter 6 series, and for his work on Marvel’s Avengers: Tech-On! But he’s also a prolific illustrator and commission artist, splashing his incredible and stylish art across the internet! In RandomVeus: One Dimensional Couriers Chamba marries his style and his storytelling with an all-new original world, populates it with cool characters, and runs them through the wringer of hilarious situations. Fans of great anime take note: This is the graphic novel for you!

“RandomVeus reminds me a lot of anime like Gurren Lagann and Red Line,” said UDON Chief Erik Ko. “It’s totally its own thing though. Chamba’s art is really bold, with really gorgeous colors and detailed character designs, and it’s very funny. I think if you like anime that mix sci-fi and sort of goofy/funny characters, you will really like RandomVeus.”

RandomVeus: One Dimensional Couriers is a 184-page original hardcover graphic novel, printed in full colour, arriving in book and comic stores everywhere in November 2023. It is now available for pre-order from select retailers.

While the book will be released in November you can grab the original series today! But as always, stay tuned for more news here on Miso!

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