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NetEase Games announces debut of Bad Brain Game Studios

Yesterday, NetEase Games announced the debut of Bad Brain Game Studios, a Canadian-based gaming studio. The studio will be led by Sean Crooks, who has worked on Watch Dogs. The studio’s first project is an ambitious new franchise based on a story-driven, action-adventure game built with Unreal Engine 5.

NetEase Games is excited to announce the opening of a new game studio in Canada called Bad Brain Game Studios. This move represents our expanding commitment to the game development industry in Canada and gives Canadian creators the support they need to build high quality interactive entertainment experiences for a global audience.

The studio, located in Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec, is developing an ambitious new franchise based on a story-driven, action-adventure game. The game will be an open world, multi-platform experience built with Unreal Engine 5 and is inspired by cult 1980s movies, mixing elements of adventure and horror.

The new studio is led by Sean Crooks, an experienced game developer who has worked on some of the most successful and critically acclaimed games of the past decade. Bad Brain Game Studios includes a team of passionate veteran developers who have created games such as the Watch Dogs trilogy, Far Cry 2, Driver: San Francisco, Child of Light, Just Dance, Army of Two, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Blacklist.

“I’m honored to be leading this talented team of developers in Canada,” said Sean Crooks, studio head of Bad Brain Game Studios. “We’re all passionate about creating memorable and meaningful experiences. NetEase Games has given us a warm welcome, with an abundance of support and creative freedom to allow us to do what we do best. Our first game is a passion project that gives us the opportunity to truly free our brains.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome Bad Brain Game Studios into our family and enriching our presence in Canada,” said Simon Zhu, president of global investments and partnerships for NetEase Games. “With this new studio, NetEase Games continues its commitment to nurturing top-tier talent in Canada and creating games that players love. Canada has a thriving gaming industry, and we’re excited to continue to be a part of it. We believe that our talented teams in Toronto, Montreal and beyond will create some of the most innovative and exciting games the industry has seen.”

Bad Brain Game Studios is searching for passionate developers who hold gaming close to their hearts and wish to bring a part of their creativity to this adventure, while prioritizing a culture of excellence and respect. The studio has a hybrid work environment, allowing employees to choose between working from its offices in Toronto and Montreal, in a hybrid capacity. 

For more information about Bad Brain Game Studios, please visit

We’re excited to see where Bad Brain Game Studios goes in the future! Stay tuned for more gaming news here on Miso.

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