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Stumble Guys console version announced, heading to Xbox first

Are you ready for a wacky battle royale? Scopely just announced the Stumble Guys console version will be available soon, with Xbox getting the version first. Originally for mobile and PC, the game features 32-player mayhem with lightning-fast mechanics and tons of different skins.

About Stumble Guys console version

Xbox players will soon discover the joys of Stumbling when “Stumble Guys” races to console, as revealed during today’s ID@Xbox Showcase. The fast-paced, frenetic and highly-social fun of “Stumble Guys” will launch first on Xbox, giving the game’s massive and dedicated community more ways to battle with friends in an epic quest to be the last “Stumbler” standing.

Xbox players can pre-register now on to join the party on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One and lock in launch benefits, including early Beta access and free launch gifts.
“Stumble Guys” has built a massive following, staking its claim as one of the top 10 most downloaded apps in the world in 2022. The game is enjoyed by tens of millions of players every week, and is one of the most played games in 50+ countries. The “Stumble Guys” community is also one of the most engaged and loyal in the world, with 45B+ engagements across TikTok, YouTube, Discord, and more.
Players have flocked to “Stumble Guys’” accessible and competitive play style that is constantly evolving with varied events, tournaments, and imaginative levels. The experience regularly adds new mechanics, offering “Stumblers” more ways to cross the finish line, whether on foot, in vehicles, or through a high-stakes First-Person “Stumbler” mode. Powered by community-led gameplay, fans can join massive tournaments and events hosted by top creators, or hang out and play with friends however they like in Custom Parties.
“Providing our ‘Stumble Guys’ communities with new ways to play is one of our highest priorities–and expanding to console is one of the top requests from fans. Starting with our launch on Xbox, ‘Stumblers’ will love to experience our ever-evolving 32-player competitions like never before–on a TV and with a controller in-hand,” said Jamie Berger, Senior Vice President of Marketing for “Stumble Guys” at Scopely. “With cross-progression for existing accounts at launch and crossplay coming soon after, we’re welcoming more people to join the party with current friends and all-new ones–wherever they play games.”
Featuring deep customization options, “Stumble Guys” delivers endless possibilities for self-expression. From angels to zombies or anything in between, there is a “Stumbler” for every mood or season. The Stumbleverse is also filled with wildly creative and rare collectibles, skins, emotes, and more that can be personalized to reflect each player’s unique style.
The console version of “Stumble Guys” will allow “Stumblers” to seamlessly utilize accounts from mobile and PC, no matter which platform they use to play.

As someone who’s played the mobile version of Stumble Guys extensively, this will be a great experience for more players. Its faster paced rounds compared to competitor Fall Guys means that you can play more rounds in the same amount of time. While the console version isn’t out yet, you can play the game now on iOS, Android, and PC. Stay tuned for more news here on Miso!

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