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Gannibal Volume 1 available this November

This week, ABLAZE announced that it will release Masaaki Ninomiya’s Gannibal Volume 1 in North America this November. The second volume will follow a February 2024 release, with more coming soon.

About Gannibal Volume 1

GANNIBAL is an intense 13-volume horror manga created by Masaaki Ninomiya that was originally published in Japan by Nihon Bungeisha. ABLAZE is proudly bringing this dark masterpiece to North America and English readers worldwide for the first time.

In GANNIBAL, Daigo Agawa is a resident police officer who has been recently assigned to the remote mountain village of Kuge. He is initially warmly welcomed by the villagers, but with the suspicious death of an old woman, he gradually becomes aware of the anomaly of the village and begins to suspect that “The people in this village are eating people.”

A terrifying thriller series rich in tension and suspense, GANNIBAL is a riveting story that also features captivating artwork. GANNIBAL also has been adapted into a live-action TV series, directed by Shinzo Katayama (director of J-horror movie Missing) that currently streams on Disney+/Hulu and stars Yuya Yagira, Sho Kasamatsu, and Riho Yoshioka.

Those looking a live-action adaptation will be able to view Gannibal on Hulu. Looking for a silly scary series? Check out Night of the Living Cat while you wait for Gannibal. Stay tuned for more manga news here on Miso!

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[…] first volume of Gannibal is scheduled to be released this November. You can also stream the show on Disney+/Hulu depending on your where you live. Stay tuned for more […]

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