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Sephonie heads to consoles today

Sephonie is ready to intrigue more players into its story as Ratalaika Games announced the game is available for consoles. Starting today, the PC title will be available on PlayStation, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch consoles. The game features a thought-provoking story with an emphasis on puzzle-solving and platforming segments. Sephonie is an interesting indie with plenty to love for fans of both genres.

About Sephonie

Today publisher Ratalaika Games, together with award-winning developer Analgesic Productions, release Sephonie, the surreal  PC title, now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One,  Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

Sephonie will pull in gamers who may not usually pick 3D platformers as their genre of choice, as its unique levels and surreal, complex story offer a unique and unrivalled gaming experience!


  • Use acrobatic moves to navigate lush, jade canopies and rusty sandstone spires! Every surface is yours to climb.
  • Fling yourself over high ledges using the satisfying Teledash Vault
  • Deftly Wall-run across any vertical surface
  • Grapple through the air with the help of long-tongued Ribbats
  • Effortlessly Glide by using floating Dandelion Puffs

If you want a deeper look at the game, you can check out Katamaris’ Summer Indie Quickies. Stay tuned for more gaming news here on Miso!

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