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Alabaster: The Graphic Novel now on Kickstarter

An update to classic Osamu Tezuka’s manga Alabaster is now available on Kickstarter thanks to Noir Caesar Entertainment. The $30,000 campaign is available to back until November 3. The updated graphic novel will be written by Chuck Brown with art by Anna Weiszcyk.

About Alabaster

Reimagined for a new generation of readers as a contemporary graphic novel from Noir Caesar, ALABASTER reinterprets Ralph Ellison’s novel “The Invisible Man,” and follows a former successful Black athlete, James Block, who is framed by his girlfriend and wrongfully imprisoned. While inside, James befriends a disgraced scientist that gives him the solution to his problems—a laser gun that either turns its subject invisible or kills them upon usage.  After serving his prison sentence and locating the device, James disfigures himself in a failed experiment that turns him partially translucent, like alabaster. Angry, vengeful, and with a new identity, Alabaster wreaks havoc on bigots and hypocrites alike.

Johnny O’Bryant, founder of Noir Caesar says, “We’ve always admired and respected the great Osamu Tezuka and his work. When we discovered Alabaster we were convinced could add a new dimension to Tezuka’s original concept and bring this classic tale to a new generation of readers. We’re grateful to Tezuka Productions for selecting Noir Caesar as they share a commitment to finding new ways to fulfill Tezuka-sensei’s vision to combine Japanese influenced manga and anime with Western-style storytelling.”

Yoshimi Suzuki, Head of International Partnerships of Tezuka Productions Co. remarks, “If Osamu Tezuka were alive and met Johnny O’Bryant today, he would have shown great interest in working with a team of and young multi-talented artists from diversified cultural backgrounds that have a deep love toward Japanese anime and manga. I can’t help but expect great synergy generated between Alabaster and the unique cultural backgrounds Noir Caesar and their creative team bring. I hope Noir Caesar fully displays their creativity in this project.”

Back the project now!

For those wanting to campaign, $15 will net you a PDF of Alabaster, while $30 will get you a physical edition. For those wanting all three covers, a bundle for $100 will also be available. The Kickstarer campaign ends on November 3 with a $30,000 goal. Stay tuned for more news here on Miso!

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