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BATTLE CRUSH Gets a Global Beta Test Today

Today, NCSOFT announced that BATTLE CRUSH’s global Beta Test is now available on Steam and Google Play! The game will allow 30 players to jump in with strategic combat across three different game modes and 15 unique characters. The test will be available from October 23 to October 30. The game will also be available on iOS and Switch platforms when the game launches in the future.

About BATTLE CRUSH Global Beta Test

NCSOFT, a global premier developer and publisher, today announced that BATTLE CRUSH is now open for global Beta Test on Steam and Google Play

From October 23 to 30, BATTLE CRUSH launched global Beta Test in 25 countries in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. For designated playable hours in each region, players can jump in and experience BATTLE CRUSH’s strategic brawl action with three different game modes and 15 characters called Calixers. More information on Beta Test gameplay hours is available here.

Expecting an official launch in Spring 2024, BATTLE CRUSH is a new action battle brawler currently under development by NCSOFT. Upon launch, this multi-platform title will be playable on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and mobile (Android and iOS) – all supported with cross-play.

Game Features

BATTLE CRUSH is a game where the last player standing is declared the winner out of up to 30 players, surviving from a shrinking terrain while facing enemies coming from all directions. Its feature highlights include:  

  • Quick, action-packed strategic brawl battles with simple and easy controls – With a distinctive set of user-friendly controls and strategic combat actions, players can combine five types of skills to enjoy satisfying gameplay where each round only lasts eight minutes at most. Each attack and defense skill varies in distance, timing, and stamina consumption depending on the characters, allowing for strategic gameplay. 
  • Unique battlefields and various game modes with up to 30 players – The battlefield narrows gradually over time, forcing players to always stay on the move. Players can choose from various game modes – Battle Royale (Solo or Team), Brawl (Solo or Team), Build-Up – and unique battlefields based on their tastes. 
  • Play with Calixers with their own story and unique skills – BATTLE CRUSH offers a diverse range of Calixers, inspired by mythological figures like Hermes, Poseidon, Urus, and Lops. During the Beta Test, it offers 15 Calixers in total, exhibiting their individual charm through their unique skill sets. 

Players can access the global Beta Test via the BATTLE CRUSH official page on Steam and Google Play. During the Beta Test, players can find game information, announcements, and community events on its official Discord channel

For more information about BATTLE CRUSH, please visit the official website or Discord channel

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