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Shakedown: Hawaii 3DS Physical Release Comes Out Next Week!

Seems the handheld era isn’t dead yet, as Vblank announced Shakedown: Hawaii 3DS physical release will be available next week! While the 3DS eShop is now unavailable, this limited edition release will revitalize the 3DS collector’s market. The game will be available on November 6 at 1 PM ET on RobaRoba, with 6,000 copies available.

About Shakedown: Hawaii 3DS Physical Release

Shakedown: Hawaii is getting a Nintendo 3DS physical release on Monday, November 6th!

It’s priced at $29.99 USD for the Standard Edition and $49.99 USD for the Collector’s Edition (plus shipping).

Both editions include the game on cartridge and a manual. The Collector’s Edition also includes a Shakedown: Hawaii CEO action figure (with accessory!), and a soundtrack CD.

The total print run is 6,000 copies — 3,000 Standard Edition and 3,000 Collector’s Edition.

Statement About the Physical Release

I feel like I say this every time, but it was another absolute labor of love putting this physical release together. Although it took much longer to assemble than any previous one (as you can see!), what it includes makes me smile from ear to ear.

Supporting legacy consoles is a huge priority. With the closure of the eShop, I’m excited to see all the new players enjoy Shakedown: Hawaii as a Nintendo 3DS experience… on cartridge no less!

It also goes without saying that adding a second action figure in the Vblank collection is another dream come true, and to me, is one of the coolest things that could be included in a collector’s edition.

Some More Details!

According to the developer, the cartridge is region-locked so that only North American 3DS/2DS systems can play the game. The game will be shrinkwrapped instead of the primary “Y-fold” method of sealing games. This makes these new games different from others that are normally wrapped in retail. Additionally, the game includes the latest version of the game on 3DS, which includes all currently released updates.

While the eShop is now down, you can check out our under $10 roundup here. Stay tuned for more gaming news here on Miso!

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