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Deep Sleep: Labyrinth of the Forsaken Announced for Next Year

Get ready for a blast from a scary past as scriptwelder and Armor Games just announced Deep Sleep: Labyrinth of the Forsaken! The point-and-click horror adventure is the series’ first original installment since 2014 and will be released on Nintendo Switch and PC. The game features spectacular dream-shaping gameplay and some devious puzzles to navigate in this foreboding world.

About Deep Sleep: Labyrinth of the Forsaken

In the latest standalone installment of the celebrated Deep Sleep series played by millions, players follow small-town vet, Amy, as she investigates the unexplained death of her estranged brother, Thomas. Only when she discovers the journals detailing his obsession with lucid dreaming and the beings beyond the waking realms does she realize he may have been right all along – and that maybe, just maybe… he’s still out there somewhere.

From a sinister and skittering forest to the depths of an unspeakable prison and far beyond, you’ll shape your surroundings, solve puzzles, and face your fears in this horror adventure that’s sure to please scriptwelder fans both old and new. Amy can update her abilities in the dreaming world to help her survive against enemies that will need creative thinking to dispatch in turn-based encounters. Stunning pixel art visuals, an engrossing original score from Christopher Carlone, and a story that weaves the fantastical with the frightful ensure Deep Sleep: Labyrinth of the Forsaken is set to scare and delight in handheld mode and on the big screen in equal measure.

Deep Sleep: Labyrinth of the Forsaken will mark the return of scriptwelder’s signature series when it lands on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2024. Prepare for terrifying lucid dreams, hair-raising atmosphere, and a tension that lingers long after you stop playing. Wishlist today on Steam… and sleep tight:


  • Solve puzzles and defeat foes using the ability to shape Amy’s dreams around her
  • Explore nightmarish and otherworldly environments with elements of randomized design
  • Improve and unlock new skills for Amy to help keep her alive and make her stronger
  • Encounter bizarre and dangerous beings who could be friend, foe… or both
  • Multiple endings and secrets to find, if you survive the beings hunting you
  • A brand-new soundtrack from composer Christopher Carlone

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