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Chills When it’s Chilly, Chiyo on PlayStation and PC Soon

SCRYsoft recently unveiled that it will release its puzzle-horror title Chiyo on PlayStation 4 and 5 and PC soon. The game will be developed by Nimbus Games, who developed last year’s Malice. Scheduled for release later this year, the game will allow players to explore a disturbing setting while trying to survive. The game mixes supernatural elements with a tragic love story as well as challenging puzzles to solve.

About Chiyo

SCRY soft is announcing the upcoming release of “Chiyo,” the first-person escape room horror game that transports players to the haunting landscape of Edo-era Japan. Set in the coastal city of Gotsu, “Chiyo” promises to take gamers on a heart-pounding journey into the realm of paranormal investigation. With a captivating storyline and a wealth of challenges, “Chiyo” invites players to confront evil spirits, enigmatic puzzles, and a dark family history that threatens their very survival.

The Tokugawa Shogunate’s Magical Arcane Division, known as the Mahō Higi Shidan(魔法秘儀師団),has received disturbing reports of unexplainable psychic energy coming from a lonely mansion deep in the forested interior of Gotsu, Shimane Prefecture. In response to this situation, three of the Order’s most experienced Investigators are tasked with uncovering the source of this mysterious psychic

As they set foot on the property, Idate Chiyo, rookie investigator of the trio, feels the presence of a powerful and evil supernatural entity hiding in the mansion’s shadows. They cast protective wards around the compound before starting their investigation together. Chiyo finds herself caught in a complicated web of dark family secrets and sinister political plots.

Solving the mansion’s mystery becomes crucial for survival, as it offers the only chance for Chiyo and her fellow Investigators to escape the grasp of the supernatural entity at the center of their investigation. By solving a series of challenging puzzles scattered throughout the mansion, Chiyo will gradually uncover the backstory of the mansion and it’s dark history, focusing on the tragic love story of Tsujikaze Orin and Hon’iden Shojiro, and the sequence of grim events that led to their untimely deaths, leaving the mansion deserted.

While the exact date of the game’s release is yet to be announced, SCRYsoft is committed to updating players with more news soon. A demo is available now on Steam. Stay tuned for more gaming updates here on Miso!

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