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Can You Catch Them? CookieRun: The Darkest Night Chapter 1 Available Now

Today, Devsisters announced that CookieRun: The Darkest Night Chapter 1 is now available on Meta Quest. The Action-RPG is the CookieRun VR title, with multiple installments planned in the form of Chapter releases. This game will challenge players with engaging in a colorful world and innovative RPG elements.

About CookieRun: The Darkest Night Chapter 1

Devsisters has announced the global release of the first chapter of CookieRun: The Darkest Night, a new VR action-adventure game developed by FreshDoh! helmed by project director Hyunsang Cho. You can watch the trailer here!

CookieRun: The Darkest Night marks the first VR title in the CookieRun universe, making this the first game in the IP to expand from mobile. This first-person VR experience allows players to explore the witch’s castle from the perspective of a tiny cookie, engaging in battles against giant enemies, interacting with fellow cookies, and evolving as a player.

Playing as GingerBrave, users will traverse expansive and vibrant spaces, ranging from the large furniture used by the witch to the smaller structures crafted by gnomes. The game features themed areas like the bakery, laboratory, auditorium, and forge, providing a diverse mix of adventure, action, and RPG elements. Players will engage in battles, complete missions, and collect items to craft weapons, enhancing their character’s abilities.

CookieRun: The Darkest Night‘s immersive story delves into the secrets of the cookie creator, Witch, and the Dark Lord Cookie. Players witness the transformation and development of characters, including the GingerBrave, as they strive to escape the witch’s castle and uncover its mysteries.

CookieRun: The Darkest Night Chapter 1 is available now through the MetaQuest Store.

We can’t wait to see the CookieRun franchise expand to more markets! This VR title will surely be a hit for fans of the franchise. Looking for another cool VR experience? Check out Sushi Ben, out now! We encourage everyone to stay tuned to Miso for more gaming news!

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