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Fight Crab 2 pinches Early Access release next year

Crabby for the holidays? Don’t be! Calappa Games and Playism announced that the sequel to 2019’s memetic and action-packed Fight Crab will head to Steam Early Access on February 13. The game will also have a free limited-time demo on February 5 to 12, as announced during this year’s INDIE Live Expo Winter. The game will feature more than 90 ways to crush the competition, and a whole lot of customization in the arena.

About Fight Crab 2

 Fight Crab 2, the sequel to the award-winning physics-based arena fighting game developed by Calappa Games and published by PLAYISM, scuttles onto Early Access on Steam for PC on Tuesday, February 13th, 2024. Demo the crab-tastic career mode as well as both online co-op and versus matches for a limited time during Steam Next Fest from Monday, Feb. 5th – Monday, Feb. 12th, as announced during INDIE Live Expo Winter 2023.

Indestructible crabs and armor-clad human gladiators join forces to create the ultimate combat sport, complete with live commentary broadcasting. Hop aboard crustaceans, clash claws against carapaces, and fight for the title of king crab across destructible arenas. 

Outfit crustacean competitors with wacky dual-wield weapon loadouts – one for each claw, of course! Select more than 90 different crab-crushing armaments, from basic swords, shields and projectile cannons to beam sabers, boxing gloves, and yo-yos. Create completely customizable physics-based fighting styles, ride vehicles like motorcycles to speed towards the perfect position, and flip opponents belly-up to achieve victory. 

Duke it out in desert landscapes, villages, atop ancient floating structures, and…on basketball courts! Each stage has its own battle-interrupting gimmick — knock enemies into moving trains, strategically dismount crabs during battle to reach hidden areas on foot, and throw level-specific items into reach for an edge in battle.

In Career mode, raise, nurture and level up a crab with a variety of upgradeable attributes like weight, toughness, grip strength, and agility. Fight for justice (and popularity) in Event Battles by defeating evil crabs and mischievous monsters, or put a stop to wild farm tractors with a mind of their own. Level up your grab and claw to the top of the Crab League. 

Unlock 40 different passive and active skills, and master unique battle stances for an added edge during skirmishes. Damage received increases knockback, but also fills up the Crab Gauge. When the meter is full, activate tide-turning spells to summon assist animals, weapons, obstacles, and devastating long range laser beams. 

Fight friends online in either casual or ranked one-on-one matches, and create public or password-protected rooms with customizable house rules and 5-player waiting support.

Fight Crab 2 will launch in Early Access on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, on Steam in Japanese, English and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

For more information, please visit Fight Crab 2’s Official Website, follow @crab_fight on X(formerly Twitter) and search for #FightCrab2 on social media.

Thinking of trying out the game this February? Sound off in the comments, and stay tuned for more gaming news here on Miso!

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