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Speed Crew Crashes onto More Consoles and PC Next Year

Today, Wild Fields announce that Speed Crew will zoom onto PlayStation and Xbox consoles alongside PC via Steam on January 31. This expanded release will include a new mode that will be available on the Switch version as well. Players can navigate through zany challenges and master unique racing mechanics in head-to-head modes.

About Speed Crew

The race is on! Join a family of misfit mechanics as they compete against their long-time rivals in small garages, dirt roads, torn up junk yards, and more across different generations. Wield sledge hammers, wrenches, plungers as a pit crew, and use workbenches to replace, repair, and refuel everything from rally cars to drag racers. Play solo or cooperatively with up to three other mechanics thanks to crossplay between platforms.

Quickly coordinate to complete each task as efficiently as possible. Diagnose the situation and plan the best course of action, fixing wrecked cars to get them back on track. Each event unveils new challenges and obstacles to overcome, including pouring rain and lightning strikes, conveyor belts zipping away essential objects, and even canals full of floating boxes to navigate around. Successful runs unlock new characters, new costumes, and higher sponsor levels.

Compete in the classic Campaign Mode, working together to beat the other pit crews to rise to the top of the leaderboards. Go head-to-head against a group of mechanics in Dominion Mode. Take on the role of the Dominion saboteur, using tools and power ups to disrupt the flow of car repairs by stunning players, disabling equipment, rigging the track, and more. Endure the attacks of the maniacal mechanic, or fight back by landing blows and stunning them in their tracks.

“We noticed a lack of cooperative gaming options for groups of friends and family members to positively interact with one another,” said Daniel Poludyonny, General Manager, Wild Fields. “Speed Crew is meant to bring all types of gamers together regardless of skill level, and that is what we hope to accomplish.”

Speed Crew is currently available on Nintendo Switch for $19.99/€19.99, and localized in text for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, and Ukrainian.

For more information on Speed Crew, visit Wild Fields’ official website, wishlist on Steam, follow the studio on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and join the community on Discord

Are you ready to play Speed Crew? The game is available now on Nintendo Switch, and will be expanded next year with the other console versions. Stay tuned for more gaming news here on Miso!

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