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Toei Animation’s Virtual Anime Fes hits YouTube, VRChat this Friday

Are you ready for a Virtual Anime Fes in the metaverse? (Well, how about VRChat?) Toei Animation announced that it will debut its first-ever Virtual Anime Fes on VRChat as well as Youtube this Friday. The event will take place on a permanent VRChat stage where fans can interact with each other while watching announcements. The virtual idol group SATELLITE will also debut at this event! The festivities will be free and simultaneously streamed on both YouTube and VRChat, so you don’t need a headset to experience the fun!

About Virtual Anime Fes

Toei Animation’s new business, ONN’ON STUDIOS, is pleased to announce that it will hold the “Virtual Anime Fes” for new releases, the project’s first attempt at an event using VR space. It will be livestreamed on YouTube and made available on VRchat. Set to take place on the permanent stage of ImaginaryPark2070, which has integrated four different spaces from the 1956 Oizumi Gakuen Area to the Near Future Shibuya Area, the event will feature a reading stage with performances by Kojiro Shindo (CV: Akihiro Miura) and Shuhei Asano (CV: Kenji Akabane) from Kado: The Right Answer, as well as announcements on the release of the new Kaiju Decode MR game with Clarissa (CV: Hitomi Kikuchi) and on a new film project from the production team of Expelled from Paradise. Additionally, there will be many surprises during the livestream, including surprise guests.

Event Itinerary

Date and Time: 27 January 2024 (Saturday) at 3:00 pm-5:00 pm JST (to be confirmed)

How to View and Watch:

【Venue】     Onnon_ImaginaryPark2070VRChat - Wikipedia

*Free to enter and watch

【Live Streaming】YouTubeがデザインを大幅変更、新ロゴやダークモードの追加、モバイルアプリは縦長ムービーがより見やすく - GIGAZINE

Streaming URL:

*Free to watch

Entrance fee: Free

*English subtitles will be available for the following parts during the event: 

・AI Concierge Talk (Sally Amaki and Tsuneyuki Matsudaira)

Kado: The Right Answer Reading Stage and Post-Show Talk

・Introduction of Gatebox・Announcement of Production team of Expelled from Paradise


It has been confirmed that “SATELLITE,” the limited-time, super Adorable and Sugoi Kawaii trio made up of our official characters, Memory (CV: Momo Asakura who is also voices characters in WWW.WORKING!!, Charlotte, FAIRY TAIL, Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story, and more), Neiro (CV: Shino Shimoji who is also voices characters in Aikatsu!, Hakumei and Mikochi, SHADOWS HOUSE, THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS, and more), and Kaeru (CV: Karin Takahashi who is also voices characters in DrSTONE, Chain saw Man, THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS, D4DJ Groovy Mix, and more), will make their debut at the event.

Fascinated by human creativity through old damaged data (e.g., anime, music and movie), the three girls who live in the near future virtual world, which has evolved through the development of digital technology, will start their musical activities in a bid to archive data from the past.

They will be the opening act on the day of the event, performing their two debut songs, “Yoru wa ONN’ON” and “Satellite.” It will be the first time that they will perform those two songs in public, so enjoy the virtual world!

It seems like Toei Animation wants to make a digital debut with some great anime announcements! Stay tuned for more anime news here on Miso.

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